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I have said many times the problem with BISD is not with the students who do not need extra help or different instructional methods, but with the students who cannot learn in the traditional manner. BISD is producing students with the skill sets needed to succeed at the best universities and to go on to become great engineers and other high paying professionals.  But when this con is being run about Brownsville being a third world city is promoted for one's own purposes or to con people into expensive ideas which produce nothing, Brownsville is injured.  Just look at the million dollar plus con which was Imagine and then United Brownsville.  The good news the things coming to Brownsville and Cameron county will be paid for by outsiders so the local thieves will not be able to ruin it.  We finally have the State, the federal government and Space X seeing Brownsville for the gem it is.

Averages and the con: Click for full articlee

"Averages hide variation. Averages are simple to calculate and are sometimes a lazy way of determining past performance. For example, over some period of time a performance level may have started at 50% and ended up at 70%. Simple math then determines the average to be 60%, so 60% is now used as a baseline to measure future performance against. If the next performance level measured is 65%, you might conclude that performance has improved, which it has over the baseline. But in fact it has degraded from true starting point of 70%. Your next decisions could lead you in the wrong direction."

No competent person in any profession uses averages for business decisions. You need to look at the core problem and then attack any problems by attacking the core problem, while promoting meaningful solutions which address the core problems.

Comparing the average income in Brownsville to other cities is just plain stupid, and reflects the ignorance of those who do same.  My home in NY where my family lives would easily cost $500,000 plus with  annual taxes over $12,000.  I paid $123,900, and after 5 years because of a home improvement boom in my neighborhood I can sell it for about $160,000. Now to be fair with all of my investments in the home, my profit might be $5,000 or less.

But my point is, an average or even median income comparison fails to take into consideration the cost of living and quality of life.  When you factor in cost of living and quality of life, very few major cities can compete with Brownsville.  Yes, there are things we need - a book store and better use of what we have already.

The BV has never attacked the idea of bike trails or walking trails.  I think it is great for the county that several cities have now agreed to link up the trails between the cities.  This goes to quality of life.  It also shows evidence that the cities can find common ground which puts the county first, which is essential to our growth.

But because I believe in the trails as essential to our quality of life and marketing of Brownsville does not mean I agree to the bike trail in front of the zoo.  There is a part which is so dangerous, because it is narrow. I cannot believe the city agreed to the trail.  But in the end the sidewalks helped with safety for the children and their parents walking to school.

The BV is the only blog which promotes Brownsville, not only in its stories, but also in its logo.  In fact for believing Brownsville should be doing business with Latin America and backing the idea, because the BV did not write about the indictment of the now convicted Bob Hedrick within 10 minutes of its release it was implied the BV supporter the viewing of child pornography.  The fact of the matter is the BV has attacked the FBI for not shutting down the sites. And instead promotes them to potential child molesters so as to be able to arrest them.  It is never acceptable under any rational to promote pictures of children being sexually abused.

Instead of attacking Space X ad nauseam - we lost the battle time to turn it to our advantage - the BV has been calling for a year now for our local leaders to seek federal and state funds to build the weir dam to hold back enough water  to serve Space X.  They need the water so why not use the opportunity to get the government to pay for the dam, and when possible expand its backing up of water to include downtown Brownsville.  It is called vision and planning.

No one disputes Bob Hedrick was the wrong person to be promoting the new Pan Am and the use of Brownsville's airport to import perishable from South America. But again this is where we use Space X to our advantage.  

Space X has filed with the FAA the necessary paperwork for the expansion of the Brownsville airport runway to support their needs.  Brownsville has announced it intends to expand the runway to 12,000 feet which means it will be able to handle the largest cargo aircraft currently in use.

Now in the interest in full disclosure, in the past the BV has documented back to 2003, the approval for an expanded runway with bonds sold to support the project, and no expanded runway was ever completed or even started.  So who knows?

These are solutions and our future which averages cannot consider.  Those promoting Brownsville as a poor third world country are ignorant or doing it for nefarious reasons.

For years Space X and the workforce training center has been in the works.  It is going to happen whether local yokels like it our not.  When it does, Brownsville will explode with good paying manufacturing jobs, with the maquiladoras, and NAFTA being a big part of this.  Ford and the other major car manufacturers will put Trump in his place on NAFTA and NAFTA will remain.  This will work for Brownsville.  

Trump and those who think like him on NAFTA life Carlos Marin, think in silos.  Getting rid of NAFTA will displace 10's of thousands of Mexican workers thereby making the illegal immigration problem worse.  We are a world economy - and there is no way of getting around it.


Look space rockets exploding on the launch pad or after take off is nothing new.  It is the cost of doing space exploration.  I grew up with this.  But this reality now has the government seriously looking at the danger of having a space launch pad near an LNG plant.  Many of us may have opposed Space X, but it may now save us from LNG. 


I give it 5 years and Brownsville will be undergoing an incredible transformation because it has the best quality of life, weather, and people who given a chance will work work work.  it is coming we just have to be patient for the work force training center promised by Governor Abbott to be complete and than manufacturers will be looking to build in Brownsville.  Our airport with trade will explode to way past its days when it was truly a major international.

Just ignore the naysayers and con artists who say we are the poorest - we are not.  We are very rich in what is needed for the future.  

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