Monday, November 14, 2016


21 of the states do not required the electors vote as the people.  Most of those states were expected to go Democrat and did not.  The electors are still free to vote for Hillary.  Constitutional scholars believe that the law of the other 29 states if challenged would not pass constittuional musteer.  A pollster who has predicted every election for the last 30 years years predicted Trump would win.  He is now saying Trump will be impeached.  His fraud trial could push electors over to Hillary.  

All it will take is the Dems pushing the electors free to vote for the candidate who won the popular vote and Hillar wins.  There remains a pathway to Hillary still becoming president.  The question is will the Democrats lead the battle?  Answer no.

It will take a large grassroots effort.  That will not happen either.  Violent protest will help no one. The violence must stop.

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