Friday, November 18, 2016


I am certain this video was made for entertainment purposes and is not real.  But it is short and funny as hell.

But here is the deal, the problem or non-problem is real.  No matter my politics I still believe certain subjects should be addressed by parents, at least until a child reaches a certain age, and then the teacher should be allowed to discuss the issue in a responsible way.

But life is still life.  We have 5 year olds asking other 5 year olds how come they have two daddies or two mommies, and the kids are answering the question without a teacher or adult around.  So the kids are learning about these things, whether the parent or school support such discussion.

The goal should be to introduce these issues slowly at a pace the children can understand.  Unless you are going to home school your children and keep them out of extracurricular activities even in a non school environment they are going to be exposed to all sorts of issues.

You do have the option of a religious school which discriminates against people so that your child learns in a fake world instead of the real world they will eventually have to face.

But this video is for entertainment only.  The last word makes it funny as hell.

But the reality is our teachers are having to try and navigate these very difficult realities, I am have sympathy for them because it seems to me they will always be facing a very mad parent.

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