Friday, November 25, 2016



Wisconsin county admits to voter fraud to benefit Trump  Their original numbers had more people voting for Trump than voted in the entire county.  This battle is on.  Trump now down 1500 votes.  The recount will go forward and a flip of Wisconsin will cause major havoc for Electoral College.  We continue to wait on the review of more counties, and whether or not the money can be raised for the recount in Florida and Pennsylvania.  This admission by one county, may be what it takes to raise the money for all three recounts.

Occupy Democrats is now claiming it is three counties, but I cannot find any independent verification of same and since I do not trust Occupy Democrats I am reporting on only the one county, for now.


You may not know but Jill Stein has already raised enough money for one recount in a state the polling and exit polling says Hillary won, but went to Trump.  They are working on raising the money for Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Our Intelligence community has found some evidence of tampering by the Russians.  Jill Stein is making no such accusation.  She wants everything reviewed and let the evidence fall where it falls.

I was shocked today when I saw the Washington Post had the following editorial and calling for the Electoral College based on findings in the Constitutional Minutes, to elect Hillary Clinton.

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"Conventional wisdom tells us that the electoral college requires that the person who lost the popular vote this year must nonetheless become our president. That view is an insult to our framers. It is compelled by nothing in our Constitution. It should be rejected by anyone with any understanding of our democratic traditions  — most important, the electors themselves.

The framers believed, as Alexander Hamilton put it, that “the sense of the people should operate in the choice of the [president].” But no nation had ever tried that idea before. So the framers created a safety valve on the people’s choice. Like a judge reviewing a jury verdict, where the people voted, the electoral college was intended to confirm — or not — the people’s choice. Electors were to apply, in Hamilton’s words, “a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice” — and then decide"
This election could be far from over.  But my hopes are low for a change to Hillary from Trump.


Anonymous said...

Liberals dreaming

BobbyWC said...

It's like I said my hopes are low for Hillary takinig this, but there is a growing discussion of denying Trump the 270 and theh the House electing someone like Paul Ryan.

The theme here is, the battle is on. Hillary's chances are near zero, but the vote going to the House is not zero. We shall see that the recount shows. If there is clear evidnce of hacking by the Russians, the Republicans may have no choice but to deny Trump the 270 and throwing it to the House which will elect a Republican.