Friday, November 18, 2016


While I voted for her and continue to support her I do believe she was mistaken in asking Judge Cornejo-Lopez to swear her in. The appearance of conflict of interest sometimes is worse than actual conflict of interest. Judge Cornejo Lopez has complaints pending against BISD.  I do not know if they are valid, but I do believe she should file a FERPA violation against BISD for release of confidential information about her daughter.  BISD should start an immediate investigation as to how this happened.

But now it is unclear whether or not Dr. Atkinson can participate in these votes.  It seems black and white to me there was a FERPA violation so no one can accuse her of favoring Judge Cornejo Lopez. But we all know how this town works and Dr. Atkinson will lose political capital for doing the right thing and voting for an investigation.  Anything less than a 9-0 vote sends a clear message no child's privacy is above disclosure for political gain.  This is not acceptable.

Since coming to Brownsville everyone who is a long time reader knows I have been on BISD's tail over special needs children [I prefer the term different needs children].  We have won many complaints against BISD, and I have attended many ARDs with parents to insure their children get what the law provides.

Look, I am tired of these every two year changes in the Board and score settling.  But FERPA violations are serious.  We must protect the children from the politics of BISD.  This is a serious matter and merits a full review by the new Board, and a FERPA complaint by Judge Cornejo-Lopez. This is not the same as some petty score settling.

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