Monday, November 14, 2016


UPDATE:  After I filed a documented fraud complaint with my bank, the company game me a full refund.

But a word of warning -   I googled HP support and clicked on a page claiming to be HP support. They even answer the phone as HP support.  Well it was not.  They damaged my computer, never fixing the problem.  It did not matter what home page I used, it kept on refreshing to that homepage whether I was in Word, my blog, FB or typing an email.  It made it impossible to work  Well HP let me know they are aware of this company.  

Until they emailed me the $139.99 bill to not fix the computer I did not realize they were not HP.  I gave them three shots to either fix the computer or refund the money.  They could not fix the computer and refused to refund the money.  They would tell you they are transferring you to billing and then another tech would get on the phone to try and get you to allow them into your computer again.

The next day I got a call from someone telling me the company installed a program with a virus.  They had my name, email, telephone number and debit card. My Norton was due for renewal so they did it for $39.00.  This company said it was a pirated copy of Norton.  How did they get my debit card? I threatened them to not make any charges because I was going to call my bank to cancel the card.

The company is Jinigram.  Stay away from them.  They are still calling me demanding they be allowed to fix my computer.  I paid HP the same price and in 30 minutes the computer was fixed. The problem is gone for the same price.  HP has a great one year warranty program on all software problems.

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