Friday, November 25, 2016


BASED ON PRECANCEROUS POLYPS, FOR WHICH THE GASTROENTEROLOGY SOCIETY HAS NO 100% CERTAIN PROTOCOL FOR FOLLOW-UP, I am scheduled by my private gastroenterologist for a three year follow-up in March.  The VA now requires that their internal gastroenterologist agrees to all procedures first.

The protocol on precancerous polyps such as mine are a combination of the number, size, location found and clinical experience.  I could have handled Dr. Alvarez saying VA protocol requires I wait until 2019.  While the procedure itself is no big deal, and painless, the prep is a nightmare and everyone hates it.  So I would have been happy with a no, with a note to scheduled it in 2019.

But that is not what happened.  Dr. Alvarez accused my colo-rectal surgeon out right of billing fraud and only wanting to schedule the appointment to make money.  I did not take the bait.  I held my voice.  I explained to him, which he dismissed as unimportant that this surgeon refused to do my second gallbladder surgery because he felt there was a more qualified surgeon at Dr. Renaissance.  I tried to explain to him, but he made it clear he had no interest in knowing, that the surgeon referred me to a specialists in ERCP's because he wanted me to have the best.  This is twice he refused surgical procedures deferring to more qualified doctors.  In my mind this means he does not just schedule procedures for money.

Dr. Alvarez playing God made it clear facts and my medical history had no place in his decision making.  He refused to allow me to explain what is going on with the bile problem, which has been confirmed by another gastroenterologist.  He did ask me how I was doing on a medicine to treat the bile gerd, which is not acid reflux.  I tried to tell him it was not working anymore, but he never let me finish my sentence explaining what is happening when he pointed to my coffee and blamed me for the medicine not working.  Bile gerd and coffee have no relationship.

At that point I lost it and called him a moron, because he suffers from God syndrome and never learned to listen to his patients or get their medical history before forming opinions, and that he should not be allowed to practice medicine.

Trust me he lectured me about him being an expert about everything under the sun including calling the most respected colo-rectal surgeon in the LRGV as not being competent because he was opening himself malpractice,   I sat there and took it until he blamed my coffee for my bile gerd.  He did not even know or care to learn I have bile gerd, not stomach acid reflux..  Also as to gerd generally the specialists and research have yet to prove coffee is even a problem whether bile or acid reflux gerd. 

A competent doctor who does not suffer from God syndrome would have said, "okay, I'm sorry, lets start from the beginning and start fresh."  No he slammed his chair back and told the nurse to remove me from the clinic.  I said, "no I am going to the chief medical officer to have you removed from the VA system".  He slammed his door.

I had a very successful meeting with the Chief Medical officer.   I had my documents.  It went beyond the Dr. Alvarez, issue.  There were so many problems building up and people not doing their job. She herself expressed confusion as to why the VA was sending me to outside doctors not qualified to deal with my brain atrophy, for example. 

Well it is being worked on.  

Doctor's like Dr., Alvarez who suffers from God syndrome need to have their medical license pulled. The medical schools and VA need to drill into these doctors' heads they better learn about the patient first before blaming the patient for the problem, and they have no business of accusing well respected doctors of scheduling procedures just to make money.  I can assure you my specialist has no shortish of patients, and probably works 70 hour weeks.  

The Chief Medical Officer is a real advocate for the veterans and my confidence in her is absolute.  Literally as I am typing a problem I have not been able to solve since September is fixed. I just got the call. It just takes people who care.  Now, will Dr. Alvarez be fired or disciplined? no.  But he will have a long meeting with the CMO, and he will write the correct proscription for my bile gerd, and approve the colonoscopy for March.  I think the message will be sent.  Will he change?, no, sooner than later he will tire of being told how to practice medicine and move back to private practice where his patients can just look for a better doctor.

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