Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I really needed a new pair of dress shoes or boots.  These are Thursday Boot Company Wingtip.  The VA is working on helping with the weight loss.  It is a brain issue.  More testing has been ordered, and a final decision to send me to the Houston VA which will fix the problem is probably less then 30 days away.

In March I will be NY for my B-DAY.  If I lose the weight, I will go to Barney's and Brooks Brothers for two new suits.  It is time to get geared up for a new adventure.  As to my day to day clothes, I intentionally dress dumpy because it makes me feel comfortable, but in business I have always invested in the best.  Yes, Barneys and Brooks Brothers will be expensive, but presentation is everything.  If you are not willing to sacrifice and invest in your business, then maybe you should not be in business.

To Santa - thanks for the shoes/boots.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I love them! I'm gonna get me a pair of Thursday Boots!

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes