Thursday, November 3, 2016


For true fans you wanted both teams to win. But I had to decide. 108 years without a win or Cleveland who had won in 1948.  These are the old teams which made baseball a great game.  I would have been fine had Cleveland won, because they are an old franchise.  For me this year was about what is best for the game.  I decide breaking an 108 year dry spell was best for the game.

Both teams played hard and made baseball fans proud of the game.  In this context both are winners. But in the end I pushed for the Cubs.

Side note:

In 1969, we did not even know my mom liked baseball.  We just got out of church and she said we had to go because the game was an afternoon game.   We asked what game?  She said the Mets in the World Series.  So weird.  She watched with us.  It may have been the only baseball games she ever saw.  But she watched the 69' Mets.

I am on the fence the Cubs winning after 108 years, or the Mets winning in 69', with Tom Seaver pitching.

With all the depression about the election, baseball delivered some good days.  My hats off to both teams for making a great series.  If you did not watch the Cubs won in the 10th.  But real fans know both teams did a great honor to the game.

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