Thursday, November 10, 2016


The BV is about the good the bad and the ugly.  I know the trolls hate this, but you can disagree with someone on an issue and still agree to praise them when they make a difference.

Because I actually live in Brownsville and meet with people and see things first hand, versus always trashing Brownsville because I have no life, I know for a fact the OP10.33 program under Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez registered a lot of new voters.  Our elected officials are always telling us we need to increase our voter numbers if Austin is going to pay attention to us.  Well OP10.33 and Jose Angel Gutierrez put their minds to this and made it happen.

Look, I can disagree with someone on one issue and still praise them on their successes.  This was a great victory for Brownsville and Cameron county.  I will give credit where credit is due, while reserving my right to disagree when we disagree.  It is called freedom.


The BV posted this in April and stands by it.

"OP10.33 has a very successful voter registration project going.  Apparently this is one of their evil dastardly deeds.  I support the voter registration project.  We need to improve voter turnout.  The problem remains we have candidates who  do not want to speak with the people about the issues.  You can register the entire county to vote, but until We the People feel informed about the candidates we are not going to vote.  The people do not feel engaged.

FACEBOOK gives every candidate a free forum to educate the voters.  Instead of using this forum for education, they instead just post pictures of themselves campaigning.  Sorry guys this does not fly with voters who want to be educated about the candidates."

Mike I believe tried to do too much too fast.  He is terrible at vetting people.  His basic ideas are spot on.  Education and seeing Cameron county as one unit.  But with the exception of Jose Angel Gutierrez he did a very bad job in vetting people.

I agree Carlos Marin is a great business man, but he is not well received by the people.  A lot of bad things happened under the UTB/TSC divorce, which Mike failed to investigate before taking sides.  Carlos Marin and his compadre mayor Tony Martinez were part of that mess and we are still paying for it.

I am doing my best to encourage people to register for their GED at the new program which OP10.33 is part of, but not running.  I want them to succeed.

We have lost trade because we have refused to train our workforce in robotics.  You cannot blame any other country for that.  TSC and BISD shot me down every time I raised the issue for at least 10 years now.  I love my plastic $,99 pumpkins made in the US with robotics.  I love my ankle socks with rubber stripes on the bottom made in Kentucky with robotics.  But our local leadership is clueless.

On this issue Mike and I agree.  But he is terrible at vetting people.  I have no problem with Mike giving money to the candidates, the problem is he gets an F is vetting people.

You make a name for yourself by succeeding, and not by promoting people who push pornography, with a long criminal history, who demand money for positive press, who argue Hitler was right about the Jews, women bring domestic abuse upon themselves, or that veterans are cry babies.  

When it comes to vetting people if there were a grade lower than F Mike would get it.

This is sad, because his fundamental goal is not bad.

I hope the GED program is as successful as the voter registration program OP10.33 was part of.  This is how Mike will build his name and not looking for any good press even from the very people who work endlessly to make Brownsville look bad.  Any press is better than no press is wrong.  When you fail to vet the people you believe are promoting you, you can be labeled as supporting anti-antisemitism and domestic abuse.  Proceed with caution Mike.

You have an A+ win on voter  registration.  You will hopefully get an A+ on the GED program.  And stop using your money to get people to work with you.  Prove yourself and people will work with you without asking for money.  

Why is it the BV giving you credit for the voter registration program while your won PR person has nothing to say about it?

You have a great win and your PR person does not see it.

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I cannot answer that question. He does travel a lot. he may not have an office in Brownsville

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