Thursday, November 17, 2016


To be brief, playing Mike into stupidity is not a challenge.  This morning he announced that if you cross him or challenge him he will take your private emails and post them to the internet.  Everyone who is trying to do business with him now knows, everything you put in writing to him he will use as a weapon against you if you do not do as he demands.

The Imp lies because he has no moral compass.  He wants you to believe he did not run from the litigation which cost Mikes's cousin $60,000 because it was proven he was not involved.  Well the fact is, Montoya and Sanchez both under oath in the court room testified it was the Imp who published the defamation per se statements.  In fact he has published attacks on both for their testimony against him.  So his claims it was proven he was not involved goes against the court record which says otherwise.

The Imp remains the only blogger barred by blogspot for abuse.  Google has some of the best techs there are and had no problem verifying the harassment towards Barton and his wife was coming from him, so they banned him.  He knows the truth, but lies because in his only loyal reader, Mike Hernandez he has the biggest sap in town.  Mike no one believes him.  Those who oppose you and some for the wrong reasons, are all laughing as to your stupidity,  You have damaged no one but yourself and no on is impressed.  

Jerry McHale this morning formally announced he will be Mike's bitch, and to prove it he praises the Imp and lies about the history of the coverage of Mike Hernandez.

The BV has never once wavered from the claim Mike Hernandez's plan to push Cameron county into a Metroplex is good and his education plans are good.  We have never disagreed on his goal.  In fact when the other blogs were attacking him regularly the BV kept on repeating the same thing, his goals were good for Cameron county.  The Imp did nothing to defend Mike Hernandez.  As he always does he shows up later and claims the story as his own,  An old story.

The BV without speaking with Mike, but other sources constantly took hits for telling the truth about his goals.  Based on this Mike Hernandez called me.  I was welcomed in his lair every day to see the day to day operations.  I defended him against all of the lies by the other bloggers,  So he called me.

But while in the liar I saw the battle between Jose Angel Gutierrez and Carlos Marin. I spoke with staff and learned of the claims Marin operatives stole the list of the newly registered voters to use to promote Mike's candidates. When the battle was done, Hernandez rewarded Marin for his alleged actions and then claimed the problem is Jose Angel does not work well with others.  Nice, but a pathetic cover.

But what a journalist does, lost on both McHale and the Imp is go beyond mere words and compare those words to the speaker's actions.  The BV has already covered extensively Mike's plans, it was now time to see if his actions were aligned with his plans. McHale celebrates the Imp for publishing nothing more than what the BV was publishing on a regular basis before the Imp reappeared.  McHale celebrates the Imp for not comparing Hernandez words to his actions, which is what a journalist would do - something lost on Hernandez's new bitch McHale, and the Imp.

What is clear now is had Hernandez offered McHale the money to change his endorsements in the Port election, instead of me the Port elections may have gone the other way,  When you offer people money to do your dirty work you are not honorable.

When Mike spends pennies to give out bug spray to had hand full of poor people and claims he is fighting the Zika virus it is a con.  This is when a journalist sees there is something more than the mere nice words.  

What a journalist does, lost on both, McHale and the Imp is compare words to actions.  The Imp just reprinted the words of Mike Hernandez.  McHale as has always been his want, especially now that he has offered to be Hernandez's bitch for life, lies when he says all the Imp was doing was giving Hernandez a fair shot. Really Jerry?, you sit at night drunk as a skunk because you know your lawyers are Ben Neece who was sanctioned by the commission on judicial conduct and Ed Stapleton who was so desperate in his representation of Bob Hedrick that he argued that the community standard in Brownsville is to view child pornography, and that therefore the charges against his client should be dismissed.  

The Imp months later did nothing more than publish what the BV published repeatedly and you attacked.  But the Imp does it to appear relevant and you protect him to prove to Mike Hernandez you will be a good bitch for life.  No Jerry what a good journalist does is compare the nice sounding ideas and words to actual actions and then reports,  A good journalist does not take money for stories.


The BV does not operate without expense.  The BV pays the federal court system through PACER for all documents.  The BV pays, the Secretary of State for all Documents.  The BV pays the county and district clerk for all court documents.  The BV pays various investigation search engines for information.  The Imp would never spend a penny to run his blog which will shut down soon enough. He is caught in this stupid soap opera which as a smut writer is what he does best, instead of writing about the issues of the day and the challenges facing the people.  That would require journalistic skills.

The cost to blog the Villalobos trial was $800.00.  I had to but a one year contract for the mobile internet and the mobile internet.  Interested parties donated $300 to defray the $800 cost.  So why does the Imp lie? because that is his want.


Mike proved to everyone he is working with that if your cross him he will publish your private communications,   I reached out having already rejected his money to try and build a bigger story with the up and coming city elections and his new GED school, and to try and keep him from making things worse for himself.  He said no.  He was given a chance to explain his position on these issues and he said no.  Well the BV wants facts.  Mike knows that, which is why he will not meet with me, but instead with a failed journalist and peddler of smut desperate to appear relevant.  

Jerry as Hernandez's new bitch please tell your readers were you lying when you told everyone the Imp is so desperate for money you have seen him steal the tips from the table and that he is homeless and goes from relative to relative for a place to sleep? Are you just a liar Jerry and the bitch who screwed Brownsville because you cannot handle the fire and rejection.  The entire town is celebrating how you were broken to become Hernandez's bitch.  Good for your Jerry, you finally admitted to Brownsville what so many already knew, a sell out willing to become someones bitch.

What the BV has done is get Mike off message which has slowed his con on Brownsville.  I still believe he believes in his goals which we both agree are good for the area, the problem is Mike thinks money and little con job distractions of goodness will get him a voice.  It will not.  He needs to prove himself with one thing, and then people will look to him as a viable option.  He does not like  this, because Mike believes his money entitles him to respect and people following him with out question.  Well Mikey my boy, it does not.  So what you have done is gotten yourself into a stupid little soap opera which has taken away from your message and goals.  The Imp does it every time and you fell for it hook line and sinker.  You will never get back on message because you will always be too busy defending yourself.  


When the original election between Pat Ahumada and Tony Martinez began the BV published several times that Martinez was not actually saying anything.  Tony had the upper hand because the people were tired of Pat Ahumada, Charlie Atkinson, and Rick Longoria going at it like children.  Pat was spot on about the weir dam but could not execute on it because he has a way which turns people off.  It was sad because we need the weir dam more so now than ever.  There is no doubt that Tony has been a disaster.  The BV broke the story on the Casa del Nylon and how Tony's law firm represented the seller as he was mayor and failed to tell our inept city commission too stupid to research the players.  The BV broke the story about how federal Judge Hanen's wife helped Tony to execute on the scam which screwed Brownsville out of $2.3 million dollars.

Every city commissioner has to go.  We did a near complete sweep at BISD and the people can do it again.

The people even in the national election proved themselves to be very powerful when they want to.


The Brownsville City Commission has declared war on the surrounding cities and the state over this issue of extraterritorial jurisdiction.  Cameron County cannot and will not move forward as a metroplex until we have a Brownsville city commission which understands we are one with the county.  The people must force this issue on the candidates.  The people must demand a straight answer from the candidates

The candidates are already forming.  They are meeting with their potential supporters and the money which controls this town.  The people need to get involved.  When a name is floated it is up to the people to demand these people address these questions.


During the first Ahumada Martinez stand off, I asked the question of Tony, what is your water policy.  Brownsville was in the middle of a really bad drought.  He answered conservation.  That was the last we heard from Tony Martinez on the issue.

A dam has no rule assigned to it as to how much water needs to be held back.  Space X needs water.  The federal and state governments are helping with the Space X project.  While a weir dam will require permission from Mexico, in the area of Space X Mexico would have no expense or issues.  All we have to do is back up the water enough to serve Space X and have some extra reserves for the city.  It does not have to come anywhere near Brownsville or Matamores.

Some day this war in Mexico will end, and Mexico will see the benefit if backing up the water all the way to Matatmoros.  As much as I hate to say it, the weir dam will make it harder for undocumented workers to cross in our area once it is complete and widens the river between Brownsville and Matamoros.

I can tell you both Carlos Cascos and Dan Sanchez separately saw this need, but neither could find support among the local politicos.  We now have Cascos as Secretary of State and with access to governor Abbott.  We need a city commission and county commission which will use our allies on the wier dam to build it now just for use by Space X.  Once it is built Mexico in time will see the benefit and it will become a reality for downtown Brownsville.  The day that happens downtown will explode with new commerce.


You must get involved now.  You start by telling Rose Gowen, Debbie Portillo, and John Villarreal they have no future in Brownsville politics because they have failed to deliver and have been obstructionists to the Cameron county metroplex plan.


Anonymous said...

I am curious about your take on the impact a weir dam will have on conservation (other then water conservation), especially in the area of the future space port. What do you know?

BobbyWC said...

This is what we need to be thinking about. Here is an article by the monitor on the issue.

Brownsville would do well such as other communties to promote landscaping which uses minimal water, such as other communities subject to long periods without rain. But we both know this will never happen in Brownsville.

The weir dam for now only needs to back up enough water to serve Space X. We have the feds and state backing Space X. Now is the time to get them to pay for the dam to only back up enough water for Space X and another reserve for Brownsville. We are charged way too much for water.

This should be a number one issue being discussed by the county commission and the city commission. It is not. We need our state representatives and Carlos Cascos to be pushing the issue. The state and feds want Space X. They will buy into the idea of building the dam but not backing up the water to downtown Brownsville. But when Matamoros is ready to do their part, the dam will be in place and we can then begin the process of holding back more water. In the end it will develop downtown, while for now serving Space X. It will also help our farmers up river.

This is a no brainer. But it is up to the people to push it because our leaders are clueless. It is going to have to come from Washington and Austin because we have no one locally who understands what is good for Space X in terms of water is good for Brownsville and Cameron county. But if the BPUB is going to have to provide all of the water, without the dam, our water bills are only going to go higher.

As always the BV pushing solutions and no drivel drama.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So, no opinion on the conservation impact of a dam in the vicinity of the mouth of the river near the SpaceX site? Or did I overlook where you addressed that?

BobbyWC said...

Your question is 100% fair. These things do not get built without an enviromental impact study. I cannot comment on whether the location will will endanger any animal or plant species until the study is done.

Now to give you a bigger voice, and you can submit it as an anony, I will give you a free standing post on the issue, but you need to document your claims of the impact the weir dam will have on the area. There may be an old environment impact study from round one. I am not dismissing your concerns. They are valid concerns. But i need to see the study. But then the study needs to be balanced against the economic impact to the area. I will not lie, these are impossible questions. I do not doubt the Hoover Dam caused major environmental damage, but where would the U.S. economy be today without the Hoover Dam. It is not so simple as a plant will die off so we should give up the jobs and the positve impact it will have on water suppply for the area which is essential to growth. Every factory which is built will have an environmental impact on the land where it is built. Every house build has an environmental impact on the land where it is built. Do swe just stop economic development, or raitonally look at the entire picture and then make a decision?

i do know this, not having water is bad for the environment. i also know it will mean more water for the wild life in the area.

I also know under today's standards Hoover Dam never would have been built and the U.S. would be a completely different place.

I need to wait for the study. It if is clear animal and plant species will die off which cannot be replaced, then we have a potential problem. But we also have to look to the benefits.

Every city and town in the U.S. displaced plant and animal life when they were built. We have to balance this out. But your question is important and we need to wait for the study. I am not going to speculate.

Bobby WC