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Yea, I hate these posts also, but Brownsville needs some levity, and it seems the readers like these posts - with some exceptions.

Mike is so incredibly stupid he actually believes by posting the Imp's post the blogs are dead, everyone reading the blogs and who know the truth about the Imp and his history and tactics are all going to just stop reading the blogs who refuse to submit to his demands.  Mike will never forgive me for refusing his money to help my brother in exchange for endorsing Ed Rivera and Kiko Rendon for the Port.  Mike cannot handle people he cannot control with money.  He believes money is an entitlement to get what he wants, it is not.

Mike Hernandez in defense of the IMP which all of the blog readers knows to be exactly who Jim Barton described this morning published the following words of the IMP to his so called pro Brownsville and family FB page, in defense of the Imp's words.

"True,  I write about women, graphically, perhaps because I am a man, and thus know what it feels like to fuck a woman."

Mike is now officially Brownsville's Donald Trump.  Women are just fuck machines to Mike Hernandez.

The Imp responds by attacking an innocent women who has typical age related problems.  Mike's response  - cool, and he keeps on promoting the Imp.  Any politico caught associating with Mike or Carlos Marin are going to have their entire private life exposed.

We will begin with Jessica Tetreau who got pregnant while Art Kalifa's divorce for adultery was still pending.  I wonder if she lies to the priest and still takes Communion? You got to hand it to Art Kalifa if you are going to destroy your marriage and children, you might as well do it with a girl 30 years your junior.  This is every one's warning shot.  I have a complete portfolio on everyone.  Every city commissioner will be removed.  The BV called for removing all BISD trustees, and with the exception of Minerva we the people, not the BV, succeeded.  Minvera won because of the blind female vote and the composition of that race.  Kent failed to understand the issue.  He should have planted two  females in the race to dilute the blind female vote.


Unlike the Imp, I specialize in research.  And for the record, every major news organization now hire law school graduates instead of journalists because we understand research and evidence, unlike journalists.   Long before any BISD campaign reports were filed I researched D & M Leasing and learned you are not the sole owner.  I know all of the subcorporations with ownership interests in D & M Leasing and all of the owners of those subcorporations.  I researched this so if any of their names popped up on campaign reports I would be ready to make the link to you.  But now I am using the collected emails for all of these people to email them all of your new mouth pieces anti-Semitic, homophobic, defense of the abuser of domestic abused  women, anti-veteran posts with proof you are working with this man to execute on your fraud on Brownsville, without any regard for its impact on D & M Leasing.  When the time is right this will go public in the DFW area.

This morning Barton does an accurate post on you, with a few  sentences on  the Imp, and what does the Imp do, he attacks Barton's wife with not one word in defense of you.  You were played Mike, as you are always played.  You might want to hire a private investigator to learn about Carlos Marin's private conversations with select elected officials.  He has been told to dump you or they will dump him.  He is pondering his options.  Carlos Marin will make a decision based on money.


He claims the anony posts attributed to him are false, but again this morning he claims Barton's wife is dying. We have seen this many times in anony posts - same words - same claims against Barton. Well the truth be known we are all dying.  But she is not dying as he claims in his post and his endless anony posts.  She is fine.  I have seen her in court and restaurants.  She is always charming, warm and inviting to converse.  The Imp lies because he is anything but a man.  He believes if he attacks an innocent woman she will suffer and Jim will stop blogging.  If you know Nena she would give a tongue lashing to Jim if he were to give in to the psychotic tactics of the Imp.


From the Imp

"Lyin’ Robert Wightman"

He says my claims about him and women are lies and then writes this.

" True, I write about women, and I write graphically, perhaps because I am a man and thus, know what it feels like to fuck a woman."

" Graphic, Bobby? Try reading some of his stuff on what it feels like to have a penis up your ass."

I have never, ever posted about my private intimate life - period.  This is a bold face lie, and Mike Hernandez repeating it is defamation per se.  Mike you have 30 days to trender $250,000 to settle or pay your lawyer the same amount to defend the lawsuit.  The Imp will run from service like when it cost your cousin $60,000, and hide under some rock until it is over with.  But his family members when subpoenaed will tell the truth about his living arraignments.

What I did do is use medicine and science [something Mike and the Imp reject] to discuss the sexual spectrum and its complexity.  I used physiology to discuss the impact nerve endings have on  the brain and its pleasure sensors.  This lecture is given in medical schools.  Something Mike and  the Imp obviously oppose.  What is the real kicker is he posts the lie and then says I lie when I say he is homophobic.  Mike is way too stupid to see the contradiction.  And for the record my discussion included the science on everyone in  the sexual spectrum which ranges from extreme heterosexualism to extreme homosexuality with a million groups in the middle.

"The Avenger has taken not one cent from anyone we write about, and we have not asked readers to send us Money because we're having it tough financially, as Wiightman did a few days back.:

First the post is maybe a month old not a few days old.  The BV was very public in denouncing Mike Hernandez for offering money to help with my brother's case, a disabled veteran seen below wih me. I rejected his money because it is dirty.

In the last 6 months I have taken on a $159 monthly home improvement loan and a $380 new car loan.  I do not drive an old puddle car like the Imp.  Mine is brand new.  I pay a mortgage.  I do not live in relatives homes, according to McHale because I am homeless.  Litigation is expensive.  I make all of my bills.  But fighting for my brother has gotten expensive.  Well rather than take money from the lawyers and politicos who offered because I feared I would have to disclose their names, I am using my retirement.  I will make it up later.

So again he says he is not anti-veteran but he attacks me with lies because I seek to defend a cognitively impaired veteran.  He is so sick he cannot see the obviousness in his lie.  Shame on you Mike.  Without veterans like my brother you would have nothing.

"Wightman’s Voice has taken so many breaks as to be useless. Where was it during the last election? Nowhere. That’s Wightman in the photo below, going all‑out for Halloween."

First of all the Brownsville Voice is the longest lasting blog in Brownsville by name.  Like all bloggers we take reprieves to reenergize.  It is called a vacation.  The Imp has closed down more blogs than anyone can count every time he gets in trouble.

As to the election, the number one issue after the Presidential  election was how the polls were all wrong.  The BV did multiple stories on how the election was totally unpredictable because the polls were all very questionable.  So it seems to me once Donald Trump was announced as the president elect every news network started reporting what the BV had been  reporting for months.  It is called analysis, and not copy and paste reporting such as the Imp.

The Imp failed to read the people and their disdain for Hillary, which is why the polls were so messed up.  He simply cut and paste Donald Trump's moronic comments which his supporters dismissed.  It got to the point on social media that women were flooding social media that they have problems with Trump but Hillary was not the woman they wanted as the first female president.  Hillary could not explain how her husband who disrespected their marriage and daughter by having an affair in the oval office, but yet he was a successful president, but someone how Donald Trump for also being a misogynistic pig could not.  No one was buying Hillary's establishment defense and running from her husband's history.  This is analysis which allowed me to see the polls were not reliable.  A monkey can be  trained to copy and paste Trumps moronic words, it is not journalism as alleged by Mike Hernandez and the Imp.


Only the BV posted a permanent link to the BISD election filings so its readers had 24/7 constant updates.  The BV reported on many of the reports and which candidates were hiding there supporters.  The BV independent of its disdain for Presas-Garcia researched and  helped to develop the Salazar conspiracy against her, which was originally broken by another blogger, who was initially doing a bad job on the research.  The BV held its first story to give Salazar a chance to respond to the revelations,  According to the Imp none of this election coverage happened and all of my readers just imagined it.

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