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I just spent over an hour on the phone with one of the people leading the 2017, battle for the legalization of hemp in Texas,  They have strong bipartisian support, especially from farming communities.  Hidalgo county is on board.  Cameron County needs to pass a resolution on this issue in support.

They do need to know the top farmers in Cameron county to see if they can help as witnesses,  many universities have already signed on to do the research to identify the different seeds needed for each part of the state.


I did not know this, but there is plenty of research on it.  I chose this link because the language used is simple and to the point.

"One of the most concerning issues of hospitals is the risk of infection. Going to a place filled with germ-ridden bodies is the surest way to get sick. One company in Colorado has developed a fabric that actually kills bacteria, and could soon replace sheets and scrubs in hospitals across the world, making them cleaner and safer. It is made from plant-based textiles, primarily hemp."

If this research is accurate it could bring down medical malpractice and deaths in hospitals.  It also has applications to uniforms for our soldiers.  So if you are Rene Olievera and the Lucios, by getting behind this you are not only helping our farmers and creating possible jobs, you are helping insurance companies save on claims.

The new legislation is expected to be filed next month with plenty of cosponsors.  I can only hope our local representatives can get the insurance companies they help to see the benefit to them so they too can get behind this.


A judge once said of me, "the difference between Wightman and a bulldog is a bulldog will eventually let go."   Well that is not totally true, as science and research advances, I have changed my position on many issues.  When complete facts are presented to me which contradict what many believed to be established facts, I have changed my mind.

As a gastroenterologist said to me once, "the problem with gastrointestinal medicine is, the colon is really one big black hole and we really know nothing.:"   It was a great double entendre.  Life is the same.  Psychiatry is pure junk science which changes with the social construct of the day without any regard for science or real medicine.  They label and medicate.  They give you serotonin for depression, which does not work in 65% of the people while refusing to first do a blood test to see if you even have a deficiency.  Why do a blood test first when the profession only requires you randomly label and then medicate?


Here is some basic information about a hemp, which is particularly valuable to the LRGV.

"A versatile plant which consumes half the water of cotton while producing 250 percent more fiber, grows in most soil, and is used in over 25,000 products, hemp is legal to cultivate in 21 states. However, only three states currently grow hemp, while the other 18 have research programs."

I have been talking about our water issues, and problems with Mexico for 26 years.  Hemp helps to reduce our farmers' water consumption significantly.  Which directly impacts our water sharing problem with Mexico.  

In 2015, hemp nearly became legal to grow in Texas.  But two House Members were able to stop the vote.  Then we came close to legalizing hemp for research at the universities, and that failed because time ran out.

Kentucky saw the light on the decreasing use of farm land for tobacco.  The Republican legislature lead the battle to allow its farms to move from tobacco to hemp.  Kentucky helped its farmers by adjusting to the new reality concerning tobacco, and now grows hemp and manufacturers hemp products.

Soon we will have a trained workforce for manufacturing.  Our leaders need to push now to get this on the 2017, calender for the Texas Legislature.  If we can grow enough hemp we will need processing plants, and in fact factories to make hemp related products.

But after 26 years of trying to explain the obvious, I remain convinced Texas will be the last state to allow for the growing of hemp, and thereby losing any edge it could gain by growing it now, and dominating the manufacturing industry which would go along with the growing of hemp.

This is an amazing opportunity for the LRGV, but we have no state or local leaders to help the Republicans pushing for hemp to make it a reality.  This is yet another issuer where I am about the issue and not the party label.


When considering Brownsville's so called poverty level, what averages do not tell you is, we have a lot of people working full time who are on food stamps.  A court house security guard with a family of 4 is on food stamps.  While I favor growth, I also understand its consequences.  I believe no county employee should be on any kind of public assistance.  We must pay them a fair wage.  But to do this will mean the cost of living will go up.  So while all these county employees may no longer qualify for food stamps because of a wage increase, the increase in the cost of living will eat away at their wage and they will be no better off, and in some cases, while earning more be actually worse off.

Growth is a balancing act which must come at a pace which allows for the local economy to adjust.  Fixed income seniors will go hungry if our cost of living goes up too fast.  The motto has to be steady as she goes. Brownsville has many things in place to start the growth we need, but if we push too hard or too fast, the increase in the cost of living will actually reduce the disposable income of a lot of people. 

But we must be ready with our own manufacturing options, such as hemp once this new work force is trained. Hemp is the obvious answer because it take hold in the LRGV.

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