Monday, November 7, 2016


The BBC article took an interesting approach to this news.  It started with the perceived negatives, and then ended with who she was as a person.  From the end of the report.

"Ms Reno - a self-described "awkward old maid" who was nearly 6ft 2in (1.8m) tall - will be remembered for her cautious but blunt style, on one occasion famously telling reporters: "I don't do spin."
Ms Reno won accolades outside Washington for her plain-spoken manner and folksiness, the Washington Post reports, which included her preference for kayaking on the Potomac River to "hobnobbing on the political cocktail circuit".
She will also be remembered for her frequently recited childhood stories from the Everglades swamps of Florida with a mother who wrestled alligators, the newspaper reports, to a home which included a family of peacocks, all named Horace."

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