Monday, November 28, 2016


In 2011, National Geographic estimated the number of dead Iraqi's caused by George W. Bush's lies about weapons of mass destruction at a half million.  On this real human rights abuse, the Republicans are dead silent.  

China and Russian manufacture the weapons, ISIS and other groups buy with Middle Eastern money to kill our soldiers and countless innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and a host of other countries, and the Republicans are silent.  But of course China and a host of Middle Eastern countries fund the debt we incur to keep these wars going.

Cuba is a small island which presents a threat to no one.  Presidential politics and the Florida Electoral votes are the only reason the embargo/trade ban have been kept in place.  Both Political Parties want to keep the Batistas who seek to reenslave the Cuban people happy.  It is about votes, and not Cuba presenting a threat to anyone.

Fidel thumb his nose at the U.S. when we demanded restoration of the lands and businesses taken from the Batistas.  Had the U.S. not cared more about the Batistas than the Cuban people, Fidel Castro would have turned to the US for aid instead of the former Soviet Union.

We ignore endless human right abuses in Saudi Arabia because we need their money.  We turn a blind eye to women being stoned to death under Sharia law, and the Republicans are dead silent.  But then of course the Republicans need Saudi and Chinese money to funds their wars and special projects.


The Republicans talking heads keep on denouncing Cuba for its gay rights history.  Well here are the facts.  The same year the U.S. passed into law Don't Ask Don't Tell, Cuba open its military ranks to gay personnel.  Years before gay sex was decriminalized in the U.S. it was decriminalized in Cuba.  The Cuban healthcare system will in many cases pay for gender reassignment surgery.  So everything on gay rights in Cuba being published by the Republicans is lies."

Freedom of association[edit]

According to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association and other sources, Cuba's only gay and lesbian civil rights organization, the Cuban Association of Gays and Lesbians, was formed in 1994 by eighteen people but was effectively shut down and its members arrested in 1997.[12][13]
Since 2008, the National Center of Sex Education has sponsored some LGBT festivals and pride events.
In 2013, a week of drag shows, colourful marches, and social and cultural events in Havana culminated with celebrations of the International Day Against Homophobia.[14]
In 2015, the project "Nosotros también amamos" which demands the legalisation of same sex couples, was funded by the human rights organisations "Corriente Martiana", "Fundación Cubana por los Derechos de la comunidad de Lesbianas, Gay, Bisexuales, Trans e Intersex (LGBTI)" and the gay project "SHUI TUIX"


No group has so held hostage the presidential election process as the Batistas.  Where would Cuba be today without the embargo?  It would be a major tourist attraction bringing in billions of foreign currency for its people.

Under Castro and with the help of President Obama, tourism is flourishing.  Under Cuban law private citizens can run small family restaurants out of their homes.  They can also rent out rooms.  Cuba has a hotel shortage.  These private family businesses are being paid in hard currency.  They are better off because of these new policies, which Trump has already announced to appease the Batistas he will rescind.

Every major airline is poised to have to two flights a day into Cuba.  They will be at Trumps door before he will be allowed to stop the progress.  Hotel construction is everywhere.  The travel ban is effectively non-existent.  As a blogger all I have to do is sign an affidavit with United that I am going to report on the impact of American tourism on the average Cuban and I am in.  In fact the only reason I am not going is because I am researching if I can go through Mexico.  United flies only out of Newark NJ, which puts the cost at over $600,00.  Southwest flies out of two Florida locations.  Depending an advance purchase I think I can do it for under $500.  Money aside it makes no sense for me to fly all the way to NJ, when I can fly out of Florida.  I am also researching how I rent a room in a private home.  It will give me better access to the people.

I do not deny there were human rights abuses under Fidel Castro, but I also do not turn a blind eye to the abuses by the US which has political prisoners and executes innocent people.  I also do not deny the abuses by our allies who lend us money.

History taught us that through trade and tourism the revolution of rising expectations brought down the old Soviet Union, and changed China.  The same will happen in Cuba.  Cuba will change with U.S. American travel.  The Cuban government will become addicted to hard U.S currency and change.  But they will never allow the Batistas to dictate policy for Cuba.

On the latter the Republicans by celebrating the passing of Fidel Cuba may have set back relations for years, thereby allowing the Batistas to continue to dictate US Cuban relations at the expense of the  Cuban people.  We shall see who wins, corporate American which favors expanding trade or the dying Batistas in Florida.  I suspect no matter what Trump says today, in the end he will go with corporate American and the money.


Anonymous said...

The person that cries "distraction" every time someone challenges his writings is doing just that...DISTRACTING FROM THE ISSUE AT HAND, which is that Fidel Castro was a murdering dictator!! What does Bush and the Iraq war have to do with the fact that Fidel Castro is one of the most murderous leader of his people?! The man is a monster, right up there with Hitler! ....and you make him out to be the voice of Latin American people?! Talk about distractions! Fidel Castro was a murdering animal that put his people through many blaming his actions, (Republican's actions no doubt!) is absurd to the point of Fidel Castro! Have you talked to Cubans and shared their opinion of Fidel? No! If you did you would see that you are dead wrong in your assertions! You make it personal. Your views and feelings towards republicans is misguided when it comes to Fidel Castro. Did you know that the biggest population of Cubans is in Florida? ...a stat that has historically voted the majority of the Cuban population? I rest my case.

BobbyWC said...

You have no case because you did not even properly read my post. I expressly blamed Democrats and Republicans for cow-towing to the Batistas because of the issue of presidential elections and the electoral college. So how is that me only blaming the Republicans.

I saw a program last night on private business in Cuba. Restaurants, people renting out rooms, people renting land for farming are all making money. There are open markets where privately owned businesses sell their products. In the case of one farmer profiled her pays his workers more than government workers are paid, feeds his workers, and provides housing.

I never denied the Human Rights abuses.

Now concerning your claims about Castro why not give me a post from Aminsty International. Here is there report with facts, and not some mindless diatribe support by not one report.

I know many third generation Cubans and they are ashamed how their grandparents tried to starve the Cuban people to settle a score with Fidel Castro. I have travelled all of Latin America by, plane, bus, ands train, and throughout Latin America he is seen as the man who stood up against US control of Latin America. Now give my readers a credible link

Anonymous said...

read this blog written by a Cuban and you will see the feelings towards Fidel by his people.

BobbyWC said...

If anyone posts anything to the Internet it must be 100% true and rational. God you are so easily played. What proof do you have he speaks for all of Cuba? The program I watched on the independent business people was interesting, because they were clearly grateful for being allowed to start successful businesses, but very cautious in the interview for fear it would upset the government. So why they liked their new freedom to work for themselves, they were not going to ruin it by saying the wrong thing.

This happens in the US. We are watching a fraud millionaire trying to control the dissemination of information by offering up his money. He will get what he wants because other than the BV the blogs have been for sale since day one. I will say there is no evidence Barton has ever taken anything, but try and earn a few dollars with google ads.

So get real

Bobby WC