Friday, November 18, 2016


This is basically a remake of Harry Potter, but with adults dealing with a rogue wizard.  The main character, Newt Scamander comes to America in 1926 with a suit case filled with fantastic beasts he is trying to protect.  One in particular he wants to release back to the wild in Arizona.  This is the purpose of his trip.

Through a comedy of errors his suit case gets mixed up with a baker's cakes, and some of the creatures get released.  The magic world in New York confuse these beasts as causing a public display when in fact they are not the real problem.

Now here is the real problem and can lead to some good psychology about human nature. The real bad creature is an Obscurus. It is explained to be a dark force inadvertently created by young children who suppress their magic, out of fear of discovery or persecution by the non-magical community.  They were created centuries ago when wizards were prosecuted.  This is a political statement about how when society forces people to hide who they are they can become evil.  In the gay community I have always called it the closet syndrome.  Closet gay men are very dangerous and tend to have no moral compass.  This is why I can spot them a mile away when they are married to women.

Newt Scamander becomes in the ultimate conflict between wizards Dumbledore and Grindelwald.  Grundelwald is the bad wizard trying to destroy and dominate humans or non-wiz as they are called.  Dumbledore is mentioned in one sentence as the instructor who tried to save Newt Scamander when he was thrown out of Hogwarts.

Such as Harry Potter battled Voldemort, Newt Scamander battles Grindelwald.  I suspect in the sequels we will see or hear more from Dumbledore as an instructor at Hogwarts.

Like I said, it started very slow and at times too confusing to follow.  But the second half picked up very nicely and it ended on a very good high note, leaving you waiting for part two.

In the first half she was so focused on introducing the creatures Scamander was trying to protect, the story line was lost.

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