Tuesday, November 29, 2016


This morning Mike had his homophobic, anti-Semite mouth piece float to McHale and Montoya that he is prepared to fund them so long as they keep him off the blogs unless it is positive press.  All three are free to continue trashing Brownsville and every elected official, but so long as he is paying  he is off limits.

Well it took Montoya looking for another sap to pay him money no time to post a bullshit post praising Mike for his failed policy to fight the Zika virus.

From the drunk:

"Remember the wave of criticism aimed at OP 10.33's Mike Hernandez for having his boys pass out cases of mosquito repellent in downtown Brownsville neighborhoods where the bloodsuckers could breed and spread the Zika virus?"

What the drunk fails to tell you in his story the Zika virus has shown up exactly where Hernandez passed out the cans of mosquito spray.  But then pointing out the obvious of the failed policy will not get money for Juanito.

What the BV supported and Mike remained silent on was an aggressive spraying policy by the city and county.  Fact is Mike's little stunt did nothing to protect the people and now someone has the virus because the aggressive spraying was not done when it should have been  done.

Mike knows I cannot be bought and to run cover for his attempt to buy me he point blank lied and claimed my brother had cancer and I needed money for his treatment, when even a drunk, a pornographer, and homophobic anti-Semite, Mike's new spoke persons. all know my brother by his age has 100% medical coverage which is known as medicare, but in my brother's case as a retired military person he has the golden parachute healthcare known as TRICARE.  Why  did Mike lie, because he had to, but then as the moron he is he has published his offer to pay a pornographer, known criminal, and homophobe anti-Semite to only publish how wonderful he is, while allowing them to trash Brownsville and every elected official in Brownsville and Cameron County.  This is all the  while he denies he offers to pay people to say what he wants said.


You notice he has no problem with McHale trashing you every day?  Why would any sane politico in this town work with the man when he just threw all of them under the bus, to buy protection for himself.

The BV because it cannot and will not be bought or intimidated will continue to publish the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The people in Brownsville and Cameron county are not stupid.  They now know the scoop and nothing positive published about Mike Hernandez will be considered anything but a bought and paid for ad from a pornographer, criminal, and homophobic anti-Semite.

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