Thursday, November 17, 2016


Tonight the new Board will be sworn in.  Tomorrow they will meet for the first time.

No one is shocked to read this agenda item.

"VII. Board of Trustee Re-Organization: A. 1. Discussion, consideration and possible action for Re-Organization of Board of Trustee Officers."

Well we will know soon enough whether Joe Rodriguez will maintain control.  Now the above has to happen, there is no disputing a new board president must be chosen.  The question is where is the majority.

A review of the agenda shows a lot of money being paid to Carlos Marin's Ambiotec business for Joe Rodriquez sports expenses.  But what the hay, the children and teachers remain without supplies, but Mike Herndanez front man for stealing from our children, Carlos Marin, is getting his money.  This is what I mean comparing promises to actual actions.  

The BV can go away tomorrow and everything will still end badly for Mike Hernandez.  The BV is not the problem, it is Mike Hernandez.


Anonymous said...

Since the president was defeated what else could they do. This is standard procedure. If the president is still on board they often are vote in again.

BobbyWC said...

I made no comment on the procedure and in fact said they have to elect a new president so i have no idea what your comment means. My question is we now wait based on this vote to see who will be in control. That's it nothing else.

Bobby WC