Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Good sportsmanship is accepting an election and sitting back to allow the victors an opportunity to prove themselves.  What President elect Donald Trump will do is any one 's guess.  I can see him nominating Hillary Clinton to the Supreme Court or nominating the Suspended Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.  This man cannot be predicted.  But he wants a friendly Senate.  So Ii will make one prediction.

Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn will give Judge Andrew Hanen his promised reward and recommend President Trump nominate him to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Democrats can block it, in retaliation for Hanen stopping Obama's Executive Order on Immigration.  They should not.  They should negotiate their own nominees for certain judicial openings.

Once Hanen takes the bench as an appellate court judge, Judge de Coss will be nominated for a life time federal judgeship. He remained loyal to the Republican Party, but more importantly would have local bipartisan support.  June would be the earliest Judge Hanen would move forward, which could then leave about another 4 months for Judge de Coss to move forward.

Beyond this, I am sitting back to see what Trump does.  He may surprise us.  His biggest problem is the House Members who want him to force the DEA to shut down legalized marijuana.  If he ignores them, he could find getting anything through the House difficult.  If he does as they ask, well lets say he will be screwed.  This is politics.  We shall see if President Trump can navigate the mine field of Congress.

I wish him the best and hopes he can keep his promise to create a new work force to rebuild our infrastructure.  If he does this, the people will embrace him.

Look people, stop the double standards.  Bill Clinton was a great president and left of with a balanced budget, but when it came to family values and women he was a pig.  So note you can be less than stellar on family values and still be a great president.  The Democrats ignored the message of Bernie Sanders and are now out of power.  The people rule this country not Washington.

I am worried about the Supreme Court, but if Trump can dismantle Washington, then all the better.

The Republicans better be careful in who they push for the Supreme Court.  Many of Trumps supporters will never tolerate going backwards on social issues.  And for now Justice Kennedy will dig in against Trump if he tries.  That still gives the liberals a 5 vote majority.

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Isn't Trump, sending Hillary, to jail?