Friday, November 4, 2016


Look, no expert knows everything.  Reactive Hypoglycemia is not normally looked for.  You are symptomatic for diabetes, they check you, you are negative, so they send you on your way.  Through determination, I learned about Reactive Hypoglycemia.  I immediately adjusted my diet to a lot of small meals, and using 15 grams of carbs when I would start to crash.  It worked.  It has been over a week without a nap.  I feel the crash, and I go for the apple juice.  Well yesterday my endocrinologist looked at several years of blood work, discussed my reaction to the 15 grams of carbs, and he said no reason to do the MMTT test because he was certain I have reactive hypoglycemia.  He recommended I keep glucose tablets with me when driving.  They work.  I was crashing about 20 miniutes ago and chewed a tablet and I am fine.

I am back to swimming.  I hope by next week to get on the treadmill.  I am ready with a burst of energy.  I am slowly adjusting my diet.  You fail when you go cold turkey.  There is nothing wrong with what I eat now.  I just have to adjust it to keep the blood sugar better regulated.  Last night was one of my favorite meals.  I grill two chicken breasts with rosemary and garlic.  I cooled them for a while in the fridge.  I like to buy the mixed green leaf salad package.  I  add celery, cucumbers, tomato, a hint of Romano cheese, carrots, and avocado.  I let it sit after mixing it to allow the flavors to blend.  I also add croutons.  For what I have my doctor wants me to have 45 grams of carbs with each meal.  Carbs are difficult to calculate because it is based on your need for calories.  But 135 grams of carbs a day puts me at the low end.

I then make two bowls of the chicken cut up in chunks.  My roommate and I each have our own bowl and mix it into our separate salads.  It is very refreshing and filling.


Before the doping truth came out about Lance Armstrong I slammed him for promoting the energy drinks.  This is when I knew he was anything but trustworthy.  He knew cancer could cause fatigue but he did not care.  He got paid to promote these drinks and to hell with your life.

I just now need to understand why I suffer from shortness of breath.  If I can do that, with my new energy level I will be back at the gym with the goal of benching 315 again, by my 60th birthday. Reality is, it will take until I'm 61.

I know my body.  I knew I was not imagining it.  I stayed with the research, and now I am a bundle of energy.  I just have to not exert myself too long because of the shortness of breath.  But even then I still have a lot of energy.  


I am still reflecting a lot.  It is helping in so many ways.  The reflecting will help me solve the shortness of breath issue.  So I am still not back to blogging, but I am back with a bundle of energy.


Oh, I will cover election night.  The BV has always had the best coverage.  On the Presidential race I am locked in to monitor the returns in key swing states.  Even though it will be after 10 our time before the networks cover the presidential race, the BV will be watching the returns on the Internet from the individual states and report the direction of the swing states as the data comes in.  You will not see this on any network until after 10 p.m. our time.  I think by maybe 8 p.m our time I may be able to call the presidential election.  If North Carolina or Florida go Clinton it is over with.  By 8 our time, 9 their time there may be enough returns to call both or at least one of the states..

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