Thursday, October 13, 2016


I love it and will use it all of the time to oppose Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous People  Day.  The poster of the above is intelligent, the kind of woman you do not want to piss off because she is strong and independent, loving to a fault and a wonderful mother.

So why with so many embracing values does she support Trump?  It is easy.  Hillary Clinton as an insider represents everything the American people hate.  In the same way the Trump supporters are not hearing any of the claims being made against him concerning women, they are not hearing any of Hillary's ideas.  She is an insider, and their ears go shut the second she speaks.  With Trump they see him as the only hope for this country to turn Washington upside down.

Look I will never favor Trump, but here is a truth.  Bill Clinton was a pig when it came to women.  But he increased wages for African Americans, increased the number of homeowners, and left us with a budget surplus - meaning our national debt was being paid down.  This proves you can be a pig and a pervert and still be a successful president.  Now Trump's people will never make note of this because it will show the Clinton's did good for the US.

Look I get why so many people hate Hillary.  I agree we need a non insider to turn Washington upside down.  But Trump has gone too far in his statements.  

What we need to do is begin to vet candidates for 4 years from now who will turn Washington on its head.  Hillary should be a one term president unless she changes how Washington does business.  Until Hillary understands the unwavering support of so many Trump supporters, she will never understand the demands of the American people.

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