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I am not back.  But I have been trying to take down BISD for 12 years, and Juanito does not have the skills to do the story and get to the right people.  This will blow up at BISD, and hopefully end BISD's corruption.  No one will take Juanito's phone calls which is why he has to print so many lies or implicate people by association.

Before Juanito unraveled only part of this I emailed Baltazar Salazar I knew the truth and will take action.

It was not hard.  I ran the address of the empty lot on Zillow and Liz Realty came up.  I then did as I always do I checked for lawsuits against the owners of Liz Reality.  Elizabeth and Leonardo Vera.  And there it was - Baltazar Salazar represented them in two lawsuits.

I have verified in addition to being a realtor she is a BISD teacher.  As the above shows she donated $400.00 in kind to Laura Perez-Reyes campaign.  Do you even know how to do research Juanito?  Why would you not immediately check the campaign finance reports of her opponents.  Of course he didn't because he has no training in investigative research.

Also in the report for Laura Perez-Reyes is the money given to her by Baltazar Salazar,

Now, it is my understanding we can expect announcements from other recipients of money from Baltazar Salazar that the money is being returned.

Juanito because he has access to no one but his paying clients, fails to get the complete story.  Had he asked around he would have learned it was common knowledge for example Sylvia Atkinson did not want the money from Salazar, but was concerned if she could muster a majority to review the legal representation of BISD both internally and externally and turned down the money she would be accused of retaliation.  Politics is complex.  

The empty lot is owned by a business which is owned by a Margarita and Jose Jimenez.  Both are currently being sued by BISD, through Linebarger.  Without Linebarger and Oliviera Presas-Garcia would not have money for used toilet paper.  So my question is, if it comes out that the Jimenez's were offered a reduction on their delinquent BISD taxes in exchange for using their empty lot as an address will Presas-Garcia give the money back to Linebarger?  I doubt it.

There are two choices, Liz Vera used this address with or without the owners' permission.   If it was with their permission what were they offered.  If it was without, she needs to have her real estate licence pulled.  

Do not count on Saenz entering this fray.  A false address was clearly put on a state form.  That is a crime.  Linebarger needs to remove themselves from the Jimenez lawsuit.  The county is also a plaintiff.  They need to meet with their counsel and demand a full disclosure of any settlement offers with BISD.  It compromises the county's position if a compromised is urged to reward the Jimenez family for being party to this.

If Linebarger offered a discount on the taxes owned by the Jimenez family, something which remains under investigation with no proof of same, then Presas-Garcia needs to refund the donation made by Linebarger.


Go to minute 4:25 to see her meltdown over being told she had to pay a baggage fee.  The story began on Barton's blog by someone claiming to be right behind Presas-Garcia during the melt down.  Right behind Presas-Garcia is Jessica Tetreau.  She is the one who verified the event for me and told me how to get the video.  She denies the claim and Presas-Garcia believes her even though the original poster said she was right behind Presas-Garcia




It is time we end BISD.  The FBI needs a subpoena on Salazar's private and business emails to determine if the Jimenez family were participants or victims.  If they were participants then the FBI needs to know if the Jimenez family was promised a tax discount on their delinquent taxes.  This is all unanswered and for now the Jimenez family is presumed to be victims of this scam.

Presas-Garcia is far from an innocent angel in all of this and the people have a right to both sides of the story and not have the Presas-Garcia dirt suppressed because she is using Linebarger and Oliviera money to pay Juanito.

Cata have you notice every time I try and walk away Juanito attacks me and you end on the raw end of the deal.  Are you just too stupid to understand his alcohol soaked brain will be the death of your political career?

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