Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I have worked with a lot of adults who just gave up at BISD's GED program.  They have no meaningful program.  You can start on any give day because there is not start and stop teaching process to take the students through the exam and needed knowledge. It is like opening a book in the middle and having the student read just half the book and then having no idea why they failed the exam.

Upon realizing a large number of the drop outs were people BISD refused to accommodate in terms of special education, I found out that you can receive special accommodations during the taking of the GED program if it is verified that you need the special accommodations.  BISD never provided these dropouts the verification they needed while they were failing at BISD, so they were now sunk on the GED.

These are people in many but not all cases earning nearly nothing.  They cannot afford to have a specialist test them for special accommodations.  In the end they all dropped out of the program because between the zig-zag teaching method and the inability to pass the pretest as a  condition of taking the real test, they were wasting time.  One student who dropped out decided to go to TSC.  He completed with a lot of help all of the prerequisites to become a radiology tech, but then was told with a C+ average he did not qualify to enter the program.  This happened to thousands of our children at TSC/UTB and continues at TSC as we speak.  It is about taking their financial aid and saddling them with student loans so TSC or UTBRGV have money to operate their con organizations.


I went to then UTB's department of education and asked that they create a clinic where their future educators being taught how to test for special accommodations provide free testing for these adults so they could get the help they need during the testing for their GED.  UTB said no - not interested.

The very people most in need will never get their GED's until we have a program wherein students are tested for free to determine if they need special accommodations during the testing period.  Until we have this testing available for free, Mike will fail just like BISD.

Finally, the program must have a begin and end date.  The instructors need to be able to teach.  They need to be handed a program of what they will work on each day so it does not become some random with no direction such as at BISD.

In the case of one student I spent two months with him going through the study book you can buy.  We went subject by subject until he understood not only the information, but how to test for it.  You must also teach them how to test.  His BISD instructor was amazed how his pretest score sky rocketed within 2 points of being cleared for the test.  This is when he decided to just go the TSC route.

While TSC rejected him for the radiology program after completing all of the prerequisites with passing scores, he decided to focus on his job.  He works for a major corporation and was eventually named employee of the year.  He knows just about every operation at his job.  He is now junior management without a GED.  The TSC courses gave him confidence he could learn.  He works hard, and will continue to move up at this corporation.  He has the brains and will.  He has me to help him with the job training manuals so he can learn the job of his boss so he can get promoted again.


Anonymous said...

As a citizen of this school district, you have the right to address any complaints to TEA regarding your opinion on the school district failure to address the needs of those children that you have indicated are in need of assessment to determine if they qualify for special assistance. Please do this and show the community how the district has failed such children. Otherwise, your comments are those of an individual who spends is whole life griping with no sense of direction and determination of what is right or wrong.

BobbyWC said...

Because of my work many parents have won TEA complaints. When I had the permission to post the story I did. So the fact is you are full of shit not interested in doing your research. Parents still come to me. I direct them to the proper forms and they can handle it. They may ask a question or two and that is it. My work is very well documented. I have lost count on how many ARDS I have attended and gotten the children the help they need because I got the parents to hold on there demands. Once I had enough wins the schools knew if they played games we were headed to the TEA.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If there are children in the school district that have not been assess or identified in needing special services; it means that you have not totally accomplished what you say you have done and the school district is still failing to meet those needs as you have indicated. Is the school district failing to meet those needs or is it you just griping like a mad man and not stepping up to your convictions of what is wrong with our society? You say do some research. Well, the fact is that the school district does thousands of assessment each year to determine if children are in need of services. Take it or leave it but those are facts. I am sure that you will not print this comment as you have done in the past when people argue against your opinion.

BobbyWC said...

Your threat is childish and you are full of shit. I never said they do not do assessments. many children are not assessed. I have had to fight to get children assessed for their reading and math level. One child in 9th grade was reading at the 2nd grade level. At the ARD they wanted to keep her in a regular classroom. They wanted her to take an elective in business instead of a second reading course.

She was put in a class of 10 or fewer with extra math and reading courses. She graduated and is now studying to enter the Air Force. had BISD had their way she would have dropped out.

You are beyond stupid and defensive. Really you expect me to go door to door in Brownsville and ID all children in need. i did get Disability Inc to come to Brownsville and hold meetings to educate parents. I succeeded in getting their lawyers to defend a child in a bogus criminal charge filed by a lying principal and won.

parents come to me. People talk and then say I know this guy you can call. I do nearly 100% pro bono work every day in all sorts of fields. I just got a VA widow full service connected disability benefits in 27 days. My work was profiled on Street Stories with Ed Bradley - that is national by the way. I do what I can even though I am sick. Just Saturday my roommate was ready to call an ambulance because from a sitting position in the back yard I passed out and woke up unable to breath. I tried to hold a 2 x 4 as a counter pressure while my roommate drilled in some screws. Just lifting the 2 x4 was too much exertion. But you know what I took a few days, and am back to working for free for people.

You do not want to admit that BISD is a mess when it comes to special needs. I have been at it for 12 years and I know the players and all of the tricks. just the other day an ARD committee told the parent BISD does not have to accommodate with a smaller class. The parent held and filed with the TEA with my help.

I have helped parents as far away as Mississippi. It is federal law. in that case in two days the state agency was at the school district and forced them to put both kids in special classes at the parent's demand.

So stop lying to protect the guilty - we are talking about children.

Bobby wc