Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I have reviewed both and find nothing unusual.  The same big time contributors we see in these races appear.  BISD counsel Baltazar Salazar donated heavily to both.  No shock there.  Judge David Gonzales donated heavily to his employee Laura Perez Reyes.  It is the fact David Gonzales and his staff have consistently issued illegal arrest warrants on defendants for failure to appear when his staff, namely Laura Perez Reyes and others, never gave the defendant notice that I have not even considered her.   The inability of David Gonzales' staff to get a simple address correct tells me she does not have what it takes to understand a half billion dollar budget,

Presas-Garcia filed a current report and again received money from Rene Oliviera, and Linebarger.  Nothing new here.

The reports show the same people donating.  But Laura and Sylvia appear to have the backing of the establishment.  I can find no evidence Mike Hernandez gave anyone any money.  I know the system, and money can be floated through third parties without the candidate knowing.

Mike Hernandez announced his strong support for Desesperanza Zendejas.  If this support still exists, which some say does not exist, he would never give a penny to Dr. Sylvia Atkinson.

Mike has also now taken on BISD one on one as to his GED program.

I have no idea what is going on with Mike at this time.  But maybe he learned in the port elections he moved too fast without consulting the locals first.  

His decision to sue McHale was stupid.  He needs to put money on the table to pay for McHale's attorneys and a nuisance settlement for McHale and end it now.

Mike needs to focus on this new school he wants to start which is in fact in competition with BISD.  But if he is going to follow the same model as BISD he will fail,  I did an earlier post and he needs to do exactly has I said.  You do not buy influence, you earn it.  Getting especially special needs adults ready with a GED before the new state sponsored work force center opens on IH69, will go a long way in buy Mike earned influence.

Parents of special needs children know Sylvia Atkinson was the first to take the matter seriously and Desesperanza Zendejas got rid of her because people like Rita Hernandez was unhappy with what was being exposed.  The parents of special needs children know when it comes to special needs Dr. Atkinson is the real deal.  She will force the Board to reinstate the funds to special needs.

As to Phillip Cowen, his family has honorably served this community for a long time.  On that alone he will have my vote.

Whittemore lost any chance of my support when he posted his campaign finance report.  I believe my sources which say counsel told him to just report a loan and to not report the real backers until after the election or just before the election.  Stupid move.  


Anonymous said...

Dr. Zendejas is supported by Hernandez and OP1033. Hernandez is now creating an adult literacy program that will compete with BISD's current program that is primarily grant funded, therefore free to the adults in Cameron County. Doesn't Z care about her BISD programs and helping the community?

BobbyWC said...

I will be fair and admit I do not like it, but if presas-garcia were the recipient, I am certain she would not be complainting. Baltazar gave to a lot of the candidates, you need to mention all of them. Also Trey Mendez took from Mike Hernandez and Carlos marin and they got nothing for their money. some people can accept money without being influenced.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

the public forums tend to not turn out a lot of people. But I have seen pictures of both Sylvia and Laura at public forums, so your statement is a lie

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sylvia got almost $2000 in in kind contributions from state democratic party run by Gilbert Hinojosa in a non partisan election as well as $1000 donation from his law office. We know who Gilbert is backing now.

BobbyWC said...

yes, and if you took the time to investigate he wants to clean BISD up and reshape the image of the Democratic Party. It seems you are opposed to that.

Do not get involved in politics unless you have your ear to the ground and are being kept informed as to changes.

Bobby WC