Thursday, October 13, 2016


I have verified through independent sources that Kent Whittemore has told numerous people that he did not report the names of his donors on his campaign finance report under the recommendation of Rick Zayas.  I am being told if an investigation is opened his account will show the checks of his donors.

Whittemore denied allegations several years ago that he worked with the late Enrique Escobedo to secure BISD's insurance contracts for the Salazar Insurance company.  As is common knowledge at this point Enrique Escobedo committed suicide some hours before being served with a search warrant.  This according to Minerva Peña.

It will take just one honest donor to come forward for the Texas Ethics Commission to open a formal criminal investigation as to the concealing of the donations.  My source is solid and I am staying with the story.

This level of unethical conduct is consistent with his hiring of Kimberly Dale who has been paid at least $700 to do his dirty work.  In the matter of minutes last night I received multiple anony posts bad mouthing certain BISD candidates for refusing to attend a forum.  I had no idea who was involved in this forum, but know that sometimes the turn outs are so low candidates are better off campaigning elsewhere.  The posts were demanding these candidates answer questions concerning claims of unethical conduct.

Remember the same Kimberly Dale who went on face book and praised her daughter for using foul language like "Shit" toward a political candidate.  This is the type character Kent Whittemore wants our BISD children to look up to.

Immediately after the anony posts, because Dale is an idiot she sent posts in her name with the same IP address demanding I announce her forum and that these same candidates were not showing.

Why would any candidate in their  right mind attend a forum organized in part or completely by Kimberly Dale given her reputation?

Why does Kent Whittemore have his mouth piece Kimberly Dale bad mouthing candidates and claiming criminal and unethical conduct by candidates smart enough to not attend a forum being controlled by a BISD candidate.  Do Kent's opponents honestly believe this forum is for them?  It is a con job by a con artist named Kent Whittemore.

A vote for Whittemore is a vote for he same old bullshit which has gotten  BISD where it is today. Further, all you need to know about Kent Whittemore is he is so unethical and desperate he hired Kimberly Dale.  What kind of mother praises her daughter on line for using the word "SHIT?"

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Anonymous said...

She's a damn liar. When asked previously if she was taking any money she said no but who dedicates 5-8 hours in a day to phone bank non stop? She's the definition of "paid politiquera", can't say it any other way.