Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Sady America is done with politics and our governmental agencies.  The fastest shutdown I can get is to even mention the election. Oh yes, people may vote, but they are clear the  system is beyond broked and all sides are guilty. They do not want to discuss it because they are done.

My personal view towards Presas-Garcia and Baltazar Salazar is they can destroy one another.  Neither serve humanity.  I managed to show both sides are willing to work with criminal elemens to get what they want.

But in the end nothing will come of anything done wrong by either side.  In the 22 years since the Republicans have taken control of this state all regulatory agencies have basically abandoned their duties. The Texas Ethics Commission is a joke and filing a complaint with them is waste of time and energy.

Neither Cameron county nor Linebarger will verify Jose Sergio Jimenez was actually served, and in the process expose themselves to an unconstitutional taking lawsuit.  They simply do not care if there is fraud in how people are served notice of taxsuits.

I  am working hard on my brother's case. while taking time to reflect.  That is what I will be doing.

A lot of people have asked if I will cover election night.  The BV always has the most extensive election night coverage hands down.  Its beats every news media, and all of the blogs.  I do not know if I care.  You can check back during the day on November 8, 2016.  If there is a post indicating the BV will cover the election you will see it.

Until then I am off to reflect.  Unless I need to defend myself in a way which is absolutely necessary I see no reason to continue blogging.

It is time to reflect, and enjoy the one thing Brownsville has over the rest of the country, its weather and the beach.  Why blog when I can be on Boca Chica in the sun fishing.  It is  time to reflect.


Anonymous said...

The beach may be good for your health. However, be careful and do not get to much sun, it could be harmful and all your readers know how sick you are. Fishing is a wonderful thing to do in the stage of reflecting on your life. Sadly many of us are not able to go fishing because we have to work. Have a great time.

BobbyWC said...

Well I can only go fishing once the work is done. I know lots of people who work full time and go fishing. I had been saving for a pontoon boat, but that money is now gone on my brother. I am working hard to find the money I need to continue for my brother.

But trust me I have to work before I can relax. For lunch today I did do laps.

As to the sun it cuts in half my vit D2 dosage. I never expose myself for my than 20 minutes. On the beach I wear an outback hat and sit under an 8 x8 cover. I just watch my pole. And when it is a cat fish I cut the line. I will not even try and remove it from the hook unless there is a friend with me who can do it. One sting was enough for me. Because I do not like Reds I through them back. On the rare occassion I catch a sheep head which is the proper size I do keep them. They are actually very tasty.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If you are not going to remove the hook from a catfish I hope you at least use hooks that will decompose quickly. Every creature in the sea (and land) is part of the ecosystem that has developed around it and is important in the grand scheme of things. To leave a fish with a possible obstacle to its ability to feed is to leave it to starve to death. This is very bad karma and pretty chicken shit, too.

BobbyWC said...

When your hand swells up like a softball it is not chicken shit. You could have turned this into a helpful post but instead chose to go negative. I rarely go fishing by myself so in most cases there is someone there who knows how to remove the hook from a catfish and not get stung. I did not know about biodegradable hooks. Sometimes you hook a fish and the line breaks and the hook is left in the fish. But now that I know about biodegradable hooks I will buy them for the fish who are left with the hook but get away. you could have educated my readers with this issue, but instead went negative.

People die from stings so it is not like it is a random act of cruelty.

But now I know - only biodegradable hooks.

Bobby WC