Tuesday, October 18, 2016


If you know how to investigate, and at times be willing to spend a little money, you would be amazed what you learn.

As the BV has noted as part of its research it checks court filings.  The state system is free to check, but the federal on line from home is not.  I forgot to check Pacer.  Well yesterday someone asked me what PACER showed.  Well I checked and paid the fee.

Baltazar Salazar represented a Jose Sergio Jimenez in a drug case wherein his client was sentenced to 100 months in prison.  This becomes a problem in this story.  I will explain below.

You will note he plead guilty on April 1, 2014. This date becomes important later on as it relates to Lenny Vera.

As the BV has reported, BISD has sued Margarita and Jose Sergio Jimenez for delinquent taxes.  The lawsuit is pending.  Cameron county is also a co-plaintiff.  Cameron County needs to remove Linebarger from the lawsuit as their counsel.

As the above shows, Jose S. Jimenez is also known as Jose Sergio Jimenez.  Now I will be the first to concede it could be total coincident that Baltazar Salazar represented a Jose Sergio Jimenez on a federal drug charge, and the one being sued by BISD whose empty lot was used for his PAC against Presas Garcia, is a completely different Jose Sergio Jimenez.  There is record of a Jr.

I cannot prove they are the same.  I went to court this morning to see the address on the citation.  If it had the federal prison address, I had the proof.  But it has the address of the location.  A private service processor signed an affidavit that he served Jose Sergio Jimenez at this address.  This creates a problem.  But I have enough experience to know that anyone could have claimed to be Jose Jimenez, or the service processor just gave it to his wife although not authorized by the court.

For now Linebarger needs to investigate whether or not Jose Sergio Jimenez was actually served. Because if he was not their lawsuit remains unserved.  BISD is not going to check on this, but Cameron County better, because they are as much a part of this mess as BISD.

I love corporationwiki because it lead me to the next clue. Click for link  It showed that Jose Jimenez is not only linked to Marser which owns the empty lot, but also to LIB Investment Group.  For a fee based to the SOS office I discovered that after Jose Sergio Jiminez plead guilty to the drug charges, LIB still held him out as a Managing Member of the LLC. with the Managing Partner being Lenny Vera of Liz Reality.  Now again it could be a completely different Jose Sergio Jimenez, represented by his brother in law Baltazar Salazar.

Given the fact BISD is suing Margarita and Jose Sergio Jimenez, and at a minimum Baltazar Salazar's sister does business with them, Salazar needs to be barred from having any access to the tax lawsuit or communicating with Linebarger.  But it does not end their, he used an empty lot as the address for the campaign finance treasurer owned by the Jimenez family, which is being sued by BISD.

I was willing to assume the Jimenez family was perhaps an innocent victim in this, but given my source on the felony conviction originated with the Vera family, and the fact Lenny Vera is in business with Jose Sergio Jimenez, the Jimenez family cannot be assumed to be innocent victims.

My only issue is I cannot prove that the Jose Sergio Jimenez convicted on drug charges, who was represented by Baltazar Salazar, is one and the same who owns the empty lot being sold by Baltazar Salazar's sister.  The FBI really needs to interview him at the federal facility.  

But I can prove that Liz reality has a long term relationship with the Jimenez family, and she is the sister of Baltazar Salazar.

The BISD Board needs to call an emergency meeting to consider Salazar's continued employment.

Cameron county and Linebarger need to investigate whether or not the Jose Sergio Jimenez was actually served.  If he was not they may not proceed on the tax lawsuit.  This is small change.  But if we have process servers lying, or impostors accepting service for real defendants in tax suits, every taxing entity could find themselves in federal court for unconstitutional taking.  A full investigation is merited. 

Baltazar Salazar was given an opportunity to comment on this story and he chose to not respond to my request.


Anonymous said...

"If you know how to investigate, and at times be willing to spend a little money, you would be amazed what you learn."

Many of your readers though you were taking time off to reflect and get back on your feet because of your illness. Some were also talking and contemplating your financial problems. Are you feeling better? How about financially? It seems that you have resolve your problem if you are "willing to spend a little money." Please let your reader's know, many are still looking to assist those in need.

BobbyWC said...

Well I do not think the less than $5 I spent is going to change my financial situation. Further I said I wanted to bring out the truth. There is nothing left to be said so I spent the day reflecting. That is where I am. All that can be done now is for the state to investigate, and BISD to take action. Neither will happen. Cameron county will not even care enough to make sure Jose Jimnenez was even served.

I am back to reflecting. I said this was a short thing. I got out what would be useful. I am back to working on my brother's case, and reflecting.

I'm done.

Bobby WC