Friday, October 28, 2016


First I did vote.  I said if Hillary were within the margin of error I would vote for her.  Well she did it.  I voted for two Republicans.  Judge De Coss, and Congressman Vela's opponent.  Vela's staff when it comes to veterans do not care.  Complaints to him go unanswered.  He stood by his staff when they told me the law required I bring my brother some 9 hours from East Texas for a VA physical in Harlingen.  Well realizing Vela is too stupid to see the obvious mistake and incompetence of his staff, I went to general counsel for the VA and he fixed the problem.  No, under federal law the VA had to send a doctor to my brother in the nursing home for his physical.

I was glad to see the Democrats finally ran a lot of candidates for statewide office and I voted for each.

I did vote in 3 of the 4 BISD elections.  Those votes I will not reveal.


I hated when the feminists of the 60's and 70's told women they had to work, and how to act and dress if they wanted to be liberated.  It was bullshit.  You are only free when you are yourself.  If you feel like a complete human being by staying home and managing a husband and family, then you are all woman and liberated.

People simply refuse to get it, by demanding to control how we each live, we end up empowering the corrupt and broken government to screw us over.  I should be allowed to mow my backyard nude.  But the law says if my neighbor looks over the fence and sees me then I am being reckless and should be charged with a class C misdemeanor.  No, they should be charged for being perverted for looking over my fence.

I do not demand you understand or participate as a nudist.  It is so liberating.  The unofficial nude beach on SPI is mostly people over 50.  No one has anything to hide.  We are liberated from the social construct of beauty and sex.  There is nothing sexual about nudism.

And for the record I am not talking about nudism, I am talking about leaving one another alone to live our lives and refocus on the real problems facing our community.

The politicians and government walk all over us every day because they can keep us busy arguing over whether or not regulated nude beaches should be allowed.  Whether destroying someone's chances at a real life by charging them with smoking marijuana in their own home.  Just because I think it is dangerous to your lungs does not give me the right to say - no put them in jail.

The diet and exercise craze get the American people to spend billions on working on a better body - what ever that is - and none of it works - while children go hungry and without school supplies or help.

The human body is beautiful.  And for the record, there is no scientific study ever produced which proves exercise and diet are healthy and will cause you to lose weight.  But moderation is commonsense.  Maybe you eat pizza, fried chicken and hamburgers every day because that is easier than being yourself.  Yes, if your body is designed to respond to exercise it will help, but you may not lose weight.  I was a gym rat  from 16-52.  Even though I am a 100 pounds overweight, the heart cath showed me clean as a whistle.  In my case I either have really good genes when it comes to the heart, or all of those years of working out helped to create a healthy heart.  But I can tell you I know people who are their perfect weight and exercise and drop from heart attacks.  It is called genetics.

I really do not give a crap if eating 8 small meals a day is what it takes for me to feel energized and alive.  That is what a good life is about.  If I pass on younger than I should because of weight gain, so what?  I am energized and living instead of crashing all of the time and dealing with chronic fatigue. I do know MOSH, male obesity secondary hypogonadism is real.  I know the VA in Houston has approved the surgery which helps to restart the metabolism and partially repair the hypothalamus and restore hormone levels.  But I am under the Arlington Regional Center and not Houston, so the procedure is not approved for veterans under the Arlington Regional Center.  So I will soon begin to save the $20,000 for the surgery.  The paper pushers in Arlington would rather pay $20,000 a year, year after year in medical care than send me to the VA Houston where they are successfully doing the surgery at a lot less cost then $20,000.


Get refocused on the real problems facing us - and stop obsessing with stupid things.  OMG all over the world children are taken to nude beaches.  They grow up without an unhealthy obsession about sex or seeing a penis or vagina.  Why do men with big boobs walk around the beach without having to cover up, but woman with half the boob size will be arrested if they do the same thing?  Allow women to go topless, and soon enough it will become natural and beautiful to the boys, instead of a sexual toy.


Hungry children, and adults who cannot get good jobs because we never learned how to teach them and now as adults offer no job training for those who need special accommodation, or smaller classrooms to learn robotics or other skills.  But then we will bitch when they have to go on Lone Star.

A fair and decent wage.  No job is undignified.  See what happens to your children's health without janitors keeping the bathrooms clean at the schools.  Watch your medical bills sky rocket.  Learn to respect and pay a fair wage to those who keep you healthy.

But no, I get it - it is my penis causing all of the problems you see in life.

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