Friday, October 7, 2016


Faith is the only thing holding me together at this time.  My eldest brother is dying and there is nothing anyone can do to get him medical care.  His has a ton of money and 100% medical coverage but Texas has denied him the right to a guardian and he is cognitively impaired and cannot make healthcare decisions.  The nursing home has made clear they will make no healthcare decisions.  So he waits to die.

I am meeting with state and federal officials over what is clear corruption by non-family members using corrupt judges and attorneys to claim all of his money, while keeping him from receiving medical care.  They cannot so much as give him the flue shot.

But the Book of Matthew tells me God knows what I need so my faith does not allow me to pray for more.  To pray for anything other than reciting the Lords Prayer is evidence of a lack of faith.  I will not question God.  He will give me the tools and help he decides is needed.  Maybe my brother has to die to save thousands of others and that is God's plan.  According to the Office of Court Administration which oversees guardianship, the fraud against the elderly in Texas is in the millions.
The criminal Greg Abbott has only funded three investigators to stop the fraud.  Governor Abbott and his lying wife are just two more fake Christians who lie to the people about their faith to get votes. There is a special place in hell for both Greg Abbott and his lying wife.

Guys the second you pray for anything specific you are saying to God you do not have faith in him knowing your needs.  My faith bars me from asking for help.  I must have faith he is giving me what I need.

I have wiped out my savings, and brought myself to complete exhaustion.  To a judge they are all white Republican East Texas Judges.  A federal agency has informed me because the state has now formally denied my brother a guardian, I can go into federal court and ask to be his guardian so someone can receive his military retirement to keep it out of the hands of his step children who were adults when he married their mother.  Their mother has long since died and the bank account gave my brother the right of survivorship so all of the money is his.  But the bank caved to the threat of litigation to challenge the right of survivorship and placed the money with the court without first seeking a hearing as required by law.  They too are being sued in federal court.

It is only faith that God has a plan that is now keeping me going.


The National Chamber of Commerce did a study of judicial corruption by region as reported by the WSJ.  East Texas is the most corrupt judicial region in the United Sates,  It is an all white male Republican game.  I guess they all drank the water in Mexico and that made them corrupt.  When you are deemed more corrupt than South Texas, you have accomplished something significant in terms of corruption.

For the record in the federal lawsuit Governor Abbott is named in the lawsuit as the Administrator over the Office of Court Administration.  Chief Justice Nathan Hecht is co administrator and is also named.  The Republicans must be so proud of their leadership.

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