Sunday, October 23, 2016


My FB page is highly regulated to the point friends cannot read the comments of other friends.  We are close knit group with diversity of backgrounds, politics, and religion.  It is mostly family, but also a handful of friends from growing up and UTEP.

A friend suggested that while I reflect maybe without political comment I should just post some of my favorite FB posts.

My family is about strength,.  My sister is still grieving the lost of her husband, but has not given up on life.  The top picture is from the Poconos in Penn last night.  She took her three daughters, three son in laws and 9 grandchildren for a two day vacation so they could attend a country Halloween Party.

After becoming too skinny from her two cancers I am happy to see she has gained some weight.  The bottom picture is from this Summer at an outside concert.

Trust me she is grieving, but she is not walking away from life. 

There is so much more to life than all of this nasty politics. So I continue to reflect.  Each day I may choose my favorite FB post from my FB family and just post the picture without comment.  No politics,  No investigating.  

We need to refocus on our priorities.  I remain very busy working for my brother.  The state judge who is as corrupt has hell intentionally set for hearing some motions on the day I informed the court I have a doctor's appointment to adjust my hormone replacement.  On a double dosage of Androgel to replace testosterone, my level has dropped to under 200. Under 200 requires treatment.  I have to go to the doctor.  It will take two to three months to reschedule because of how the  VA system works.  I am working endless hours to get everything ready for federal court.  But I know this judge, he will violate a federal injunction.  But it is my only option.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

BobbyWC said...

The next day they had the kids trick or treating out the back of cars and trucks. My sister did hers like a candy story with decorations made by her 8 granddaughters. She dressed as Willy Wonka. I cannot save the picture show I can not show it.

My family is tight. We are all Halloween crazy. I am set to dress as Elf from the movie. Bella is the apple from Shopkins. We will start with a small pool party and chili dogs and head out trick or treating at 7, while her mother and grandmother hand out candy at my house, which will be lit it with pumkins and other things.

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Share your photos! I always enjoy looking at Halloween pics.