Saturday, October 29, 2016


"In Ohio, Clinton led Trump by double digits among early voters . .... 
In Arizona, Clinton also was solidly ahead among early voters. In the past month, Arizona has gradually moved from a solid Trump state to a marginal Clinton state, although it is still too close to call, according to the project results.
In Georgia, she enjoyed a similar lead among early voters. Overall, Georgia leans to Trump, but his lead narrowed to five percentage points this week, down from eights points last week and 13 points a month ago.
Even in Texas, where Trump enjoys a sizable lead, Clinton has a double-digit edge among early voters, according to project results."


Anonymous said...

Despicable vs. detestable. Trump vs. Clinton. The lesser of too evils? Hard to say. Neither one is worthy of my vote. Politics make strange bedfellows. My respect for the Mormons of Utah - putting principle above party. Trump - a loud mouth blowhard bully who runs whining like a baby from a fair fight and HRC rotten to the core. Give me a break! Better to go "up in smoke" with Gary Johnson, than to crash and burn and go down in flames with the other two.

BobbyWC said...

As to the two primary candidates the majority of Americans agree with you. This is so sad. But voting for Hillary is really voting to keep control of the Supreme Court. It also puts the Republicans they are on notice that in 2018, the State may finally turn and Democrats will win state wide office. S split government with both parties is better than a one party tyranny.

Bobby WC