Saturday, October 8, 2016


I must say his core supporters so hate Hillary Clinton, the latest controversy may have no impact on his campaign.  I am just not sure.  This is one crazy campaign.  The big loser is the U.S.  The world is watching, and in disbelief this could be happening.

More than 30 prominent Republicans, many in the house and Senate, reacted to a video of Donald Trump using vulgar language and apparently describing himself forcing himself on women by calling for him to withdraw as the GOP nominee.
Here's a list of those Republicans, which we will continue to update:
(Note, as we explain here, Trump has said he will not withdraw and an actual effort to drop him would be much easier said than actually done).

Republicans Calling For Trump To Step Aside As Nominee


Anonymous said...

Sad we don't see one Texan on that list.

BobbyWC said...

Ted Cruz condemned the comments but that is about all. John Cornyn - nothing. Cornyn was a good man at one time, but then he became a Senator and Dick Cheney took control of his soul. John Cornyn went from being a respectable AG to the servant of the devil under Cheney. Bush made mistakes but he never succumbed to Cheney's pure evilness. It was like Senator Cornyn ran for it like an addiction.

I will not tell my readers to vote Democrat. But I will say voting Republican especially in Texas makes you anti-christian and unpatriotic.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

A few self-anointed spokesmen for the political Christian Right - Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins, and Ralph Reed come to mind - continue resolute in their support and defense of their great man of Jesus, Donald Trump. In a total contradiction of New Testament writings, they walk step in step with a candidate whose mouth blabbers racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and whatever else. One statement, taken out of context, from ten years ago is meaningless, but we have a whole series of these Trumpisms.

And the "Christian Right"? They show their true colors - this is not about spirituality, but pure crass politics.
These people are obsessed with imposing their own narrow brand of self-serving morality on the rest of us.
The American Taliban. And if they think Trump would do anything about abortion (their favorite argument), well, I think they're in the market for a used bridge which is for sale.

Anonymous said...

Trump is human with flaws. Hopefully he has learned from mistakes and will change for the better. I will continue to support trump based on a hope for change, because with Clinton things will not change. Clinton is a socialist who cannot be trusted. Who do you think is going to pay for free education? Who is paying for Obama Care? Who will pay for the mess Clinton has helped create in the Middle East? I prefer to take my chances with Trump and Pence....

BobbyWC said...

As someone who is not voting for Clinton I cannot challenge you on that issue. Trump is a moron. Clinton is not a socialist and it is clear it is a term you throw around to get a reaction from people. I am a classically trained socialist and there is nothing, and I mean nothing socialist about Clinton.

Trump wants to stop funding military defense of Japan, S. Korea, and Saudi Arabia. He dupes people into thinking it is unfair we pay for their defense. Well here is a reality check - it will cost us a lot more to deal with each county deciding to develop nuclear weapons as their new defense. Trump is a simpleton with simpleton solutions.

Clinton and the middle east. Bush two is the one who put us there and destroyed Saddam who was the only thing holding Iraq together. Had Bush II only focused on Afghanistan , the middle east would be fine, and Afghanistan would be stable.

There was plenty of foreign policy knowledge to know taking down Saddam was dangerous. For decades before Tito died in Yugoslavia it was taught the country would dissolve into civil war because of the vacuum which would be created without his leadership. That is exactly what happened. Every expert said the same about Iraq and Bush II ignored them.

You simply ignore the facts to get to your desired result because of your hatred of Hillary. I do not use my lack of trust in Hillary to justify the defense of the indefensible - Trump.

You have zero knowledge of how government works. We have to have massive change in the Senate and House before we can have an effective president to bring about change. The entire process as how Washington works has to go. Clinton has been unwilling to tell this truth, so i will not vote for her. At least I know what we need to do to bring about change.

I'm just grateful I can refuse to vote for Clinton and it will have no effect on the election because Trump has already won Texas.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So would the correct measure that should've been taken by the govt to leave Hussein in power? I agree. He ruled with an iron fist and kept everyone in check. He was a dictator who didn't great ppl well but ISIS would not exist if he hadn't gotten out of Power.

Anonymous said...

Poster "October 9, 2016 at 11:08 AM" qualifies as a deplorable.