Tuesday, October 11, 2016


The candidates can no longer hide who is funding their campaigns.  Oh wait I forgot, if you fail to file your report the Texas Ethics Commission will only slap you on the hand.

But for those willing to follow the law, they must file their 30 day before the election reports today. They were actually due yesterday, but BISD voted it as a holiday so they are due today.

Anyone can click on the top left hand corner and check for updates.  It will be at the bottom of the BISD page.  As of this moment no updates have been posted.


Anonymous said...

Okay so my question is this, lets just say hypothetically Mike wants to keep everything hush hush because obviously if you're with OP 1033 you don't get votes. Can Mike give them cash or just pay the advertising companies or give out a check to families or friends of the candidates? If so shouldn't we be checking up on him?

BobbyWC said...

Independent of Mike or any candidate, the laundering of campaign finance money is difficult if not impossible to prove. So an aunt with a different last name gives a $1000 how do you prove it was not her money. Trust me long before mike came along this is how it has been done all over Texas.

The most we can do is show people are someone how tied to a player, which does not have to be Mike, and then go public with the information and allow the people to form their own opinion

Bobby WC