Saturday, October 15, 2016


The only potential evidence of wrongdoing by the anti Presas-Garcia PAC is the use of an empty lot as an address.  Everything else is speculation.  Presas-Garcia is a cry baby because she is being called out.  But I agree there is still much to be investigated.  

I want one of these mailers which show the post mark.  If the post mark is September 30, 2016, then there was nothing to report on the October 11th disclosure.  Will the drunk post one of these mailers with the post mark.  If the date is September 29th or early then I say nail them for a fraudulent report.

Finally, were the Jimenez family participants or victims.  If they were participants and offered a tax break the need a good attorney to go to the FBI for immunity in exchange for the evidence.

For now the Jimenez family are presumed victims of Liz Vera, Baltazar Salazar's sister

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