Friday, September 2, 2016


She has three opponents to split the anti-Presas-Garcia vote.  This means with a plurality to win all she needs is 26% of the vote.  She along with the other two female candidates will split the blind Latina vote, with the majority going to Presas-Garcia as the incumbent.  

The only way I see Presas-Garcia losing this election is if Judge Hanen dismisses her lawsuit before early voting starts.  Her attorneys are telling Judge Hanen that notwithstanding the record of the executive session shows none of the statements made by Presas Garica to be true that by today they will have affidavits signed by witnesses to prove the statements.  This is anyone's guess.  But if the lawsuit remains pending at the beginning of early voting, I see Presas-Garcia winning the election.

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Anonymous said...

would like to know from all the 4 incumbents why they voted for the raise back in June when we are in the poorest area of the region and biggest district south of San Antonio? does not make sense. we are in very bad recession too!!!! thought it was about the students, but guess not it is about the money. remember rdz, lopez and eizondo are up for re election in 2018. lets get some good people to run against them. by the way joe, vela will not win this re election due to name recognition. his opponent will!!!! Vamos con Rey Gonzalez.