Monday, September 26, 2016


Trump was Trump to the point of saying not paying taxes makes him a smart businessman.  But it will not matter.  His core supporters do not care what he says.  He wants to turn Washington upside down and that is all that matters.  Hillary was more substantive, which will play well with her core supporters but will not move the angry American.  They do not think substantively.  And I do not blame them.  The best economists and foreign policy wonks cannot agree on anything, so why should the American people be invested in such such policy discussions.

CNN right now is reporting that 18 of the 20 people they had monitoring the debate voted Hillary as the winner.  The problem - the 20 people are invested voters, who do not reflect the average voter - so the poll is meaningless.

This race is any one's guess.  All I know is the American people are mad.  How that will play out on election day is any one's guess.

To even try and analyze this debate in terms of substance would be a waste of reality in terms of how this election is playing out.

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