Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I had to change my sheets in the middle of the night because of the sweating.  They were soaked.  I had to change out the matress cover and all 8 pillows.

This morning I see the doctor for another bandage change.  I will see what she says.  Tomorrow is the internal ulrasound.  There is so much bile running up my stomach into my esophogus I have bile gerd nearly 24/7  -  nothing works.  I checked on a side effect of the new medication to control the bile. One is sending the bile into the stomach and esophogus.  There is no treatment other than a special surgery to relocate the bile duct lower so it cannot interact with your stomach.  The medicine is working great in terms of controlling the impact of the bile heading southbound. But the medicine does not work on northbound and there in lies the problem.

For now I am sweating bullets.  I will try a quick shower before heading out the door.


Dr. Tercero made a mess for herself by working with Kiko Rendon and Ed Rivera.  They empowered her to micro-manage TSC.  The hypocracy of those who voted to discharge her is in their emails which came out.   In the real world Dr. Tercero as the effective CEO would have gone to the major stock holders and demanded removal of the Board Members doing everything possible to make matters worse.

The Board Members who voted her out consistently complained about her micromanging everything and then they had the nerve to fire her because she allowed people to do their job without being micromanaged, and what happened?

The windstom insurance lapsed - checks were stamped with the wrong stamps.  Had Dr. Tercero still been micromanging maybe these mistakes would not have happened.  

And then the evidence clearly showed those decrying Dr. Tercero for mico-managing were in fact abusing their office by sending endless emails with very burdensome requests.

One inside source has told me that the second Dr. Tercero files suit, the Board will blame Adela Garza and remove her as Board president.  Tony Zavaleta is vying for the position but does not have the votes.  

Let there be no mistake, Dr. Tercero made mistakes - but when the full story is developed in litigation the Board will come across as a bunch of meddling spinster aunts who made matters worse.

While her attorney made it appear it is unlikely they will file suit - he seemed very on the fence when asked about what is next, If she does file suit, it will be a blood bath for TSC.

If suit is filed when it is done, between attorneys fees on both sides and the money owed to Dr. Tercero the cost will exceed a million dollars.  

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