Saturday, September 10, 2016


I am beyond bored that we as a nation have to go through 9/11 every year without ever even discussing its cause, how President Bush used it to lie and get us into the most costly war in US history, the death and maiming of so many U.S. military personnel over lies, and how it keeps the bigotry towards Muslims alive.

I chose this picture because this was the shot I was watching when I was trying to get a hold of my brother who works as an air traffic controller in the NY center.  I was on the phone with his wife when she was telling me he had all ready called and told her he was on lock down and would need several changes of clothes because until the debriefings no one was leaving the center.  Then the second plane hit and we both dropped our phones and our conversation ended.

Can someone explain to me why no one even remembers this bombing?

"The 1975 LaGuardia Airport bombing occurred at 6:33 pm on Monday, December 29, 1975, near the TWA baggage reclaim terminal inLaGuardia Airport in East ElmhurstNew York City. The blast killed 11 and seriously injured 74. The bombing was never solved, with several suggested perpetrators, although investigators and historians believe that Croatian nationalists were the most likely. The attack occurred in a four-year period of heightened terrorist attacks within the United States. 1975 was especially volatile, with bombings in New York City andWashington D.C. early that year and two assassination attempts on US President Gerald Ford.


This bombing changed airport security as much as 9/11.  It was not one bombing.  I remember walking down the stairs into Penn Station and people running up the stairs yelling pipe bomb.  The common practice at the time was to put a bomb in the luggage holders at Penn Station or airport.   I cannot even remember how many bombings there were during this time.  Why do we not seem to care about those who died during these terrorist attacks.

A white Christian killed women and children in the federal court house in Oklahoma.  Without googling it can anyone remember the day and year?  Nope.


It allows us to rationalize our hatred towards Muslims.  Well Muslims died in the towers that day.  I am so tired of having 9/11 being forced down our throats.  Instead of focusing on the attack how about focusing on how we got to the point of the attack.  Everyone who died that day or later from exposure to response will always have died in vain if we continue to ignore how we got to 9/11, and the government's seemingly lack of interest in the cause for 9/11.

To a person they all died in vain because their deaths were used to justify a made up war which only lead to the death and maiming of thousands of U.S. military personnel and over a million civilians in various Middle Eastern countries.

So no, I will not do some pathetic post on 9/11 and use the names of the dead to justify what followed.

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