Monday, September 26, 2016


Our police chief should be unable to show his face in public - to an officer involved in this case they are a disgrace and no one has been held accountable.

Look to my X - the officer wrote "failed to stop and render aid."  That is it.  The failure to render aid statute has two options - injury or death.  This report was generated after the body of Mary Tipton was found in the ditch face down in water.  The report lists neither injury nor death.  Further I only got this report after the AG ordered it released.  We now know why Chief Rodriguez wanted to hide it.

Next read the officer's discription of the accident.  It was a violent accident.  Why did the officer fail to inform the court whether or not the failure to render aid involved injury or death?  Why did Magistrate Judge Valerie Garcia assume it only involved injury and not inquiry as to injury or death?  At a minimum Valerie Garcia showed extreme inicompetence.  The report as written does not involve a crime because it does not allege injury or death as required by the statute.  She intentionally turned a blind eye.

The FBI needs to call in Valerie Garcia and the police officer and demand an explanation.  There is no excuse for the incompetence of both.  And as to our city commission refusing to call in the police chief and failing to demand accountability, what else is new?  He protects them and they protect him.

From the failure to stop and render aid statute:

"(c) A person commits an offense if the person does not stop or does not comply with the requirements of this section. An offense under this section:

(1) involving an accident resulting in:

(A) death of a person is a felony of the second degree; or
(B) serious bodily injury, as defined by Section 1.07, Penal Code, to a person is a felony of the third degree;"

How is it humanly possible with the discription of the accident as made by the officer, and with no comment as to injury or death, Valerie Garcia could have not asked if the failure to render aid was based on injury or death?  It is not possible and her defenders are without a conscience.  The city must fire her forthwith along the the FBI bringing her in for a full interview and debriefing as to why she wrote the bond based on injury and not death.

The FBI and DOJ need to take immediate control of this case.  


Anonymous said...

You fucking bore me. Let it go. The case will head to court and she'll be found not guilty!!! just wait and see. You want to hang Mrs. Govea Hernandez. Yes I am a friend of the family and you won't post my comment because I'm "anonymous" but as long as you read it that's all I care. Fuck you!!!

BobbyWC said...

So what you are saying is, all of these mistakes should be ignored because it is your friend involved. This case has been a mess of and needs to be cleaned up. Gamez is fighting hard and seems to have had a falling out with Saenz. Saenz may be finally cleaning up this mess.

But believing me reporting the endless mistakes in this only tells my readers you do not believe if competent law enforcement when it involves your friend. you did not help her, you only made her look worse for having you as a friend.

Bobby wC

Joseph Fielding said...

I don't claim to be a legal beagle but, when someone helps to cover up second degree murder, or hides the evidence . . . Isn't that accessory to second degree murder zfter thr fact. No wonder they are digging themselves into a deeper hole.

BobbyWC said...

I personally think it is at the point Saenz is not happy and he may take action. Gamez is outright accusing Saenz now of withholding evidence. No hearing has been set on the matter but that tells me they are no longer on friendly terms. Gamez is going to get his client convicted and bring down in the process her son and several others. he does not like how this has played out.

Because I do not release all information there are things I cannot say, but I can assure you this case now has the attention it needs. I think we are closer to justice for Mary Tipton

Bobby WC

Bruce Fielding Tipton Sr. said...

And here you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the culture and the mentality of those we are up against. Don't worry, you won't be bored much longer.We will never leave it alone because we are right. Mrs. Hernandez isn't our target, corrupted officials like those that have committed their solidarity to her are. Mary Tipton was more than a friend to me, she is my daughter-in-law and she was murdered. Yes that is what it is called when you hit someone with your car and leave them to rot in a ditch. Also, Anonymous, if I wanted to I could easily find out who you are; I would just look for the biggest scumbag around, you know, the one who doesn't know the difference between a skunk and a lady.

Anonymous said...

Post the first page of the police report. There is an injury code related to each person involved and it should indicate if someone was killed.

Unknown said...

"Anonymous" If you are a friend of the family and are trying to help Gamez out, imagine what her son and colleagues would do for her. Oh wait, they did. The case is a mess and you should be more objective. Imagine if Mary Tipton was your daughter, bet you, by the way you write, you would've had Gamez dead by your own hand.

Unknown said...

Btw I meant Govea

Anonymous said...

Corruption all the way. If it was your wife your sister your daughter how would you an instance ever thing changed. The chief if police should have charged the case as hit and run plus end degree murder. The son who was employed as a cop should have been prosecuted. This case need attention maybe a petition signed by people. Haters are insulting the case cause they are uneducated morons.