Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I am doing my best to acquire information on each BISD candidate. To be fair I will not research certain candidates because they are preferential losers or have a history of supporting candidates who have become the problem - people like Rigo Bocanegra, and Argelia Miller for example. Further compared to their opponents they have zero qualifications.


Assuming I do my homework and speak with all of the best qualified candidates, and one stands out - do I vote for them even if they are taking Mike Hernandez's money?  I probably will, unless there is a second close to being highly qualified.

If a best candidate stands out while leaving the rest of the pack in the dust, how would I be serving BISD by voting against them based on who has given them money?

Most of us had no problem voting for Trey Mendez who took money from Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez.  But then we all knew the money would do nothing to influence Trey in his decisions. So we were cool with it.  If such a person emerges in the BISD election should we not vote for them because of who is giving them money?  This is a difficult question.  But I think we need to get to know the candidate and try our best to find out how they feel about the Rodriguez majority and Desesperanza Zendejas.

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Anonymous said...

Trey was with OP1033? Oh but no one cares about that! But Sylvia and Laura get hammered on if they do or will accept contributions. Just wrong.