Sunday, September 11, 2016


I have lived in Texas for 40 years.  A running joke in NY is I know NYC today better than any of my siblings.  They do not get it.  They do not get that I take the cab to Woodside train station from La Guardian and then the train out to Eastern Long Island.  They hate the subways and trains and cabs.  That is like hating NYC Pizza, knishes, and a Jewish deli - it is blasphemy.

God, I love walking around the city and being on the subway.  I love the smells,  I love the 200 plus languages people are speaking.  I love how people from all over the world are wearing the garbs from their countries.  OMG, the food.  Well if you can find a good restaurant.  My family has a penchant for finding bad restaurants.  When you look in and you see true war torn NYC residents not giving a crap, then you know you are in the right place.

I love people and NYC is the world and I do not just mean from many countries - I mean every personality type and everyone on the human spectrum [I no longer use the term sexual spectrum.]

Apparently some people felt my unwillingness to keep the 9/11 issue going meant I have a problem with NYC -  far from it.  It is the epicenter of humanity.  If you look you will find refugees who have suffered every horrible thing imaginable. You cannot possibly travel to every corner of the world to learn the truth, but you can go to NYC with an open mind and come close.

The funny thing is, I could be a billionaire and would not live there.  Why?  The money could go to better things - like building Jesuit inner city schools for poor children so they have a real fight at life.

For the record the only way to enjoy NYC, is with a true New Yorker.  Otherwise you are just a tourist.  

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