Friday, September 16, 2016


The cold is morphing into a sinus infection.  I am already on anti-biotics for the abscess.  I cannot eat because it causes major pain in the stomach, and the areas of the liver  and pancreas.  I am scheduled for an internal ultrasound next Wednesday.  The doctor believes the two gallbladder surgeries and bile duct repair have damaged the sphyncter around the bile duct.  The good news is, UPS send me a note telling me the medication to control the bile will arrive today.

The abscess as of this morning is not healing.  The need to numb the area before the cut earlier in the week was 1/10th the pain of the doctor stuffing the open abscess with new gauze today.  I am not one to yell out but I did.

So I am off to bed.

There  is a lot happening.  A reliable source is telling me Mike Hernandez is now ready to sue all of the bloggers to shut us down so he can do his business.  The source is one of his employees.  Good luck with that Mike - because there is now enough evidence to link your work to BISD for the bloggers to file a § 1983 against you and BISD if you even try.  Is this why you never bothered to have Jerry served with the lawsuit?

BISD staffers are working hard to find out who is working with Mike so they can leak the evidence. They want everyone associated with Mike out. They cannot believe the power he is trying to wheel. They are told to ignore it because it is just Joe Rodriguez taking him for what he can before they dump him.

It was no great secret among the politicos that Jose Angel Guiterrez gave Mike Hernandez a tongue lashing that he either dump Carlos Marin or Guiterrez would walk.  Well Guiterrez is no longer listed as part of OP10.33.  OP10.33 insiders are all willing to talk.  Many are tired of the tirades and demands to take down anyone who opposes him.

Mike is officially a persona non grata within the BISD rank and file.  Any candidate caught taking money from Mike will find the BISD rank and file uniting against the candidate.

There is so much happening.  Mike failed to vent people for their abililty to keep their mouth shut.  The Titanic had fewer leaks than OP10.33.

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