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I am on two antibiotics and all sorts of cold medicines and nothing works.  I am waiting on a ride back to the doctor.  Again I had to change my sheets in the middle of the night.  They were soaked through.



The original post will remain because I will not run from any mistakes.  But I will say this, TSC, its Trustees, and Administrators are in a mess.  Contrary to press reports and what many at TSC believed to be true, a reliable source is now telling me Lily Tercero rebuffed the offer from Texas A & M to help with the nursing program.  Only time will tell who is telling the truth.

Concerning the pass rate for the nursing program  the numbers were the opposite.  With the exception of this year they have gone down during the years of Tercero's leadership.  But remember a lot of these students were already in the system moving through the program when she came on Board.

But here is the problem, Tercero is going to produce endless complaints from various trustees that she was putting too much time into the nursing program while ignoring other needs of TSC.  This is where TSC broke down.  You cannot run a business as its CEO with 7 neurotic bosses constantly hounding you with different agendas.

If this Board were smart they would offer her one years wages and end it.  There is no issue Tercero messed up, but a trial will show a meddling inept Board which made doing her job nearly impossible.

They complained about her endless micromanaging and then blamed her when lower level administrators messed up on such things as the Windstorm.

In the end Tercero will land somewhere with a job, but the Board will be damaged for good.  Hopefully TSC will continue to grow.


First I contacted many sources at TSC and to a person they claim the lie being put out by Adela Garza that the State will shut down the nursing program is false.  Other than Adela no one at TSC has any knowledge of such a claim.

I have confirmed there are 4 votes to remove her as Board President over her obsession for personal gain to destroy the reputation of TSC so she can come across as its savior.  Staffers are warning Administration and Trustees they will tolerate her no longer and they better act.  The lawyers are arguing removing Garza could help Tercero.  The lawyers are idiots.


When Lily Tercero came on Board the nursing program was falling apart.  The numbes actually show she has improved it significantly.  The lawsuit will show endless complaints by the Trustees that she was spending too many resources trying to save the nursing program.  Now the Trustees want to blame her for the problems they tried to stop her from fixing.  The litigation is going to be a blood bath for the Trustees as all of the emails and facts come out.

It is true for 2016 the nursing pass rate was under 80%, but somewhere in the 70 percentile.  The following numbes show since her arrival at TSC the numbers got better.  You begin with 2015, and backwards.  The 3 years were 71, 45 and 51 percent. Significant improvement was made under Lily Tercero.  She cannot be held accountable for the students who were in the system before she became president of TSC.  But when she saw the numbers she moved to correct the process notwithstanding endless complaints from the Trustees she was putting too many resources into the nursing program.  On this issue TSC will lose in court.


Overall enrollement is up 25.34% from last year.  But Adela Garza is determined to destroy the reputation of TSC, so she can claim the position of savior.  Well Adela, staff and Trustees want you gone.  They are working hard to turn TSC around and are tired of your lies.  TSC will survive - unless this inept Board fails to act on the immediate removal of Adela Garza as Boad President.  She is a major liability in terms of the forthcoming Tercero litigation and a a detriment to TSC through her endless lies to do injury to TSC.

This does not mean the State will not pull the nursing program.  But Lily Tercero before she left made arrangements with Texas A & M to fix the problem.  I would be shocked if the State does not give Texas A & M one more year to try and fix the problem.

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