Wednesday, September 28, 2016


UPDATE:  I was just text a message - top left corner says "FATAL."  Thanks to the reader for helping.  Like I said my vision is terrible for reading.  This only makes it worse for Valerie Garcia.

I will be fair here and say my reading vision is disastrous.  I cannot find what they say is on page one.  Maybe you can.  They say in an approved comment there is a spot wherein it will say injury or death.  I cannot find it.  The most I can find is a box checked hit and run.

I will also note the date and time of the accident on the report is wrong.  Just another example of the mistakes made by the Brownsville Police.  If as a defense attorney you cannot destroy an investigation done by the Brownsville Police you should surrender your law license.


Anonymous said...

The bottom part of the page is Unit 2 (the person that got hit). You will notice a "K" under Injury Severity which means that person was killed.

Anonymous said...

It is marked "fatal" of the page, left side, over the "Texas Dept.Of Transportation " logo.

Anonymous said...

Some of us retired law enforcement officers are watching this ongoing shenanigans. Realize this is a result of inexperienced leadership at the police dept. It was bound to happen! Wake up BPD leaders-don't shame the past!

Anonymous said...

This is Ralph Tipton. Thank you all of Pd Deputies DA. I know the majority are heros. You Guys need come out and give your voices. You were and are our heroes. If there undertrained or corruption and you know about it. Please say something. Dont let Marys death be for nothing. This town needs back this couty this state this country need you back. Can we all form a meeting or something. Will you guys join me in a vigil. You guys are the first line. You should be on this harder then me.