Wednesday, September 14, 2016


A reliable source within BISD this evening has informed me there is not so much as a complaint against McHale.  This is classic pathological liar Mike Hernandez taking credit for something he had nothing to do with.  Jerry is 66 and at full retirement.

With 39 years Jerry is fully vested, with guaranteed retirement no matter what happens.  His Due Process rights would take until the end of the school year before they could fire him.  And then a lawsuit would follow.  Mike does not have that kind of influence at BISD to get anyone fired. So it is all one big lie by Mike Hernandez.  It seems to me Mike got taken for another $100,000, and got nothing for his troubles.  

Mike is in for the wake up call of his life.  He has no idea what is coming his way.  I predict he will pay his lawyer $250,000, before running from Brownsville, while leaving behind a large check for Jerry.

Mike Hernandez has many enemies at BISD, and they are now uniting against him.  Zendejas better decide if she is going to stand with Hernandez or the school district.  

Hey Mikey you lost this one but you were never taught how to be a man and admit it.  My contacts in Dallas remain solid.  I had no problem building a complete business and personality portfolio on you. Any one caught doing business with you will be called out.

I am looking forward to the many soon to be published verified stories about who you really are.

Your team is already following apart. Marin already has in place how he is going to dump your ass.  You have become too big of a liability.


Anonymous said...

McHale wrote, "Hernandez has declared war on me. Inside sources have informed me he is also trying to force the BISD to terminate me."

So is McHale lying? Are his inside sources wrong? Perhaps, your reliable sources within BISD are giving you the wrong information. The public is fully aware of the fact that any BISD professional with a contract can only be fired by the board of trustees. Joe Rod would never allow his boy to be fired and that is a given. Take it to the bank, it will never happen. McHale will retire when he is ready to do so.

BobbyWC said...

Just because Mike Hernandez may be trying to unsuccessfully influence BISD does not mean there is a formal complaint. teachers cannot just be fired. They have a long due process guarantee and then in Jerry's case only the Board could fire him. That in a million years would never happen because they know a suit would follow to include the BISD, the voting Board Members, and Hernandez. Hernandez is nothing more than a eunuch trying to get his harem of kept women based on his money pregnant and cannot understand why he cannot.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Most of the public are aware that there is a due process procedure and that the board of trustee is the only one that can terminate the contract of a BISD employee. That is a given. Regardless of Mr. Hernandez, this will not happen because McHale has had a long relationship with Joe Rod. McHale will retire when he is ready.

However, the questions remains as to whose realiable sources are correct regarding the rumor of complaints or requesting the termination of McHale contract with BISD?
As per Mr. Hernandez "being nothing more than a eunuch", that may be something personal which most reader do not care to know about.