Sunday, September 4, 2016


If you believe in Labor Day boycott all businesses open on Monday. Of course BISD workers will be exploited and forced to work on Labor Day. It is time we accept Labor Day is nothing more then another day for corporate American to make money off of underpaid workers.


Anonymous said...

"Of course BISD workers will be exploited and forced to work on Labor Day."

I respect your opinion as stated on your comment. However, have you heard a school teacher complain about working on Labor Day? If not, perhaps you may not be aware of the fact that teachers are given the opportunity to determine the calendar school year for the school district. Teachers are require to work 187 as per their contract with the school district. In doing so, the teachers decide what dates during the school years they want to have as days off for holidays. Most will vote to have a whole week during Thanksgiving and two weeks off during the Christmas Holidays. Labor Day is an important holiday for the working people; however, the teachers would rather have more days during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to spend with their families. As per the classified personnel of the school district, most will agree with the decision of the school teachers.

BobbyWC said...

Whether the decision is the teachers or administration, for the workers who have the day off they cannot plan for family. In NY They have two weeks for Christmas and the Wednesday before thanksgiving - the first day of school in New York is tomorrow - BISD can add a day at the end of the year or begin a day earlier

Bobby WC