Thursday, September 8, 2016


My long term readers know I am pretty open about many things.  I have openly posted medical stories that men need to ejaculate 5 times a week to protect their prostate.  If it is medically related it is not sexual.


The Italian Supreme Court has found based on a new law, it is now legal to masturbate in public so long as a minor does not see you.  Look guys, you know I am no prude.  I support public nudity in designated areas, I support masturbation as a medical necessity and as natural, but I do not want to sit in a bar having some man pulling it out and masturbating.  But then maybe I am a prude.

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Qualifier - I do believe people should be allowed to belong to private sex clubs which are regulated by the state and municipal governments. I do believe there are valid health issues, and also the issue of not allowing for alcohol or drugs.  If it is clearly marked as a sex club, then you have no right to complain if you go in.  Trust me people these already exist all over the US - straight, gay, multi sexual - you name it.  In the Dallas area people run them out of their homes, by invitation only.  The police have no jurisdiction. I was invited to many a private party in Dallas.  When I was stationed in Monterrey. California on more than one occasion we went to such a party run by special forces in Carmel.  The rule was you had to leave your clothes at the door.  What happened when you went in was your business.  Because I have a phobia of STD's all I ever did was enjoy being a nudest using the pool\, hot tub, and watching live porn - but then I was in my early to mid-20'a and stupid.


Anonymous said...

"I do believe people should be allowed to belong to private sex clubs which are regulated by the state and municipal governments."

Your statement shows just how lacking you are in the following of the Bible. It is totally disgusting. And you say you are weary of sexually transmitted diseases? Wow!

BobbyWC said...

The Bible, have you ever read it? I seriously doubt it. The entire point of the Garden of Eden is free will. "FREE." Jesus said he who is without sin should throw the first stone. yea I've read it. You know where it says to take your disrespecting children to the town gate and stone them to death. Or where it says to stone adulterous women to death. Yea, boy lets follow the Bible - oh wait that is Sharia Law - you are so totally ignorant of what the Bible says you do not even know your Bible is the origin and source of Sharia Law.

I read and follow the Jeffersonian version of the Bible which only contains the purported words of Joshua aka Jesus. Anyone who knows the Bible knows the Gospels of the New Testament are replete with contradictions concerning the acts of Joshua and who he was - including his death and rising from the grave. You do know the old Testament contains more than one 10 Commandments which are not the same?

You do know Joshua said gentiles [this means non-Jews] were exempt from following the Jewish law - a lot being Sharia law.

You do know Joshua preached non-judgment and freedom.

Would you like for me to come over and read the Bible for you so you might actually learn what it says.

You condemn Islam for the killing of women and children, but God Commanded the Israelite to kill women and children to include stoning them to death. I believe in a loving compassion God who does not want me to be his slave.

You keep on believing in the murderous hateful vengeful God. You either believe in Freedom or do not. What is your perverted obsession with other people's genitalia and private lives?

Get your facts straight and stop watching FOx news and Televangelists who live in millionaire homes.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To the fake indignant Christian, why did your quote of my words not include:

"and watching live porn - but then I was in my early to mid-20'a and stupid"

Why did you not discuss the fact i support government intervention to regulate these sex clubs, something which is not currently done. I deal in reality and the reason sex clubs exist is because the state cannot tell you and your friends what they can do in the privacy of their home. The Supreme court has consistently ruled as unconstitutional any laws which criminalize any form of sexual conduct between consenting adults.

There is an Oklahoma case on its was to the Supreme Court which should be interesting. Marriage to a family member even if there is no evidence of sex is defined as incest. The appellate court will hold the provision as unconstitutional. The case is extremely odd. The mothers' parental rights were terminated years ago, so the state's claim she married her daughter is false. Further they had not seen each other in maybe 2 years. there is no allegation the two ever have had relations. the mere marriage is defined as incest. the law is over broad and Oklahoma will lose. This will open the courts to the issue of actual consensual incest. Just because it offends me does not mean I am allowed to tell consenting adults how to live their lives.

It is inconceivable to me how two siblings or a parent and a child can engage in consensual sex, but my personal opinion of the act is not a basis for me to go into their home and arrest them for engaging in consensual sexual conduct which offends me deeply

Bobby WC