Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I do not believe in homophobia - religious beliefs and ignorance is not fear. Some people use mean words against others which would seemingly indicate they are homophobic or phobic against any number of groups within the sexual spectrum.  Many times, these people use these words because they dislike their target anyway - and sometimes for good reason - others express their opinion based on their faith and others express their opinion on ignorance.

Someone I know recently said to someone "do you know how it makes me feel when you say my children are sinners because they are transgender and non-binary?"  I said to this person some 15 years ago "do you know how I felt when you said gay marriage is immoral and not normal?"

I said "you know your comment never affected our relationship.?"  "Because regardless of your opinion, we still love and support each other in every way."  I know for a fact, many of the people in my life believe anyone who is anything but 100% straight is a sinner and going to hell.  But you know what, on the love side our love in unwavering for each other.

How can I live life expecting people as a condition of love, friendship etc to love me unconditionally while accepting our differences, if I am not willing to love them unconditionally while accepting our difference?

Stop with this PC nonsense.  We must learn to love unconditionally while accepting our differences, and that includes moral differences.  I have two women in my life who are 94.  They are angels and devote Catholics, and while they follow their church teachings that being anything but straight is a sin, they also follow the  precept to love unconditionally and not judge.  My love for them and their love for me is so much more important to me than them honoring their religious teachings.

Love is unconditional or nothing.

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