Thursday, September 8, 2016


I want to be clear, I will never, ever vote for her.  But the BV is about getting people thinking in addition to providing news and opinion.

I have to decide, but I may vote in one race - in another race I thought about voting but now having become convinced the candidate cut a deal with the devil to get the support needed to win, I've changed my mind.  If you are willing to corrupt the election process, you will certainly corrupt the Board.

If Mike Gonzalez manages to keep the Rodriguez majority in play through one of his plants, Cata becomes a source of all of the illegal conduct and game playing.  While I personally she is as guilty if not more guilty of criminal conduct than any other board member, we must have someone willing to throw out important information about wrongful conduct.  The fact she proved when she was in the majority she was willing to corrupt the process is lost on her, but for purposes of controlling Rodriguez and company she is an asset.  But to be clear there is zero chance of me voting for her.

Remember a mere 26% of the vote and Cata wins.  As an incumbent running seeking votes from an uninformed electorate 26% is not a real challenge.  But with the female vote being split three ways, Erasmo Castro could also win the 26%.  This would be a disaster because BISD will sue to have Castro's felony conviction confirmed, which will allow a Rodriguez majority to put another of his supporters on the Board.  This is a real danger.

I have no idea who Laura Castro is.   I cannot find anything on her.  As to Laura Perez-Reyes, I know almost nothing about her, other than she is well educated.  But that is not enough.  FB gives every candidate a free opportunity to inform us why they are better qualified than the incumbent or their other challengers.  Laura like just about everyone else chooses to tell us nothing.  If as a candidate you are not smart enough to use FB to educate the voters as to who you are, then you are not smart enough to be a public servant.

Again - zero chance of me voting for Presas-Garcia - but a rational person willing to accept everything she has done wrong, and that is a lot, is it irrational to vote for someone who you know will try and keep the Rodriguez majority in check when possible?  If Castro wins, BISD will file to have his felony conviction clarified as still in place, because the order of the court removing same is a legal nullity as if it does not exist.  This then gives Rodriguez a free hand to pick who replaced Presas-Garcia.


On August 29, 2016, Presas-Garcia's attorneys informed Judge Hanen that by September 2, 2016, they would file affidavits by third parties to defeat Minerva Peña's and Cesar Lopez's Motion for Summary.  They have failed to file such affidavits.  I am certain Judge Hanen has his staff writing the draft order and memorandum to dismiss Presas-Garcia's lawsuit. The only question is will Judge Hanen release it before the election.

But be careful what you ask for because if Castro wins BISD will have him removed as a felon, after suit.  They will have to file a lawsuit, but based on the law they will not lose.  Castro through his ego is playing with fire by running for public office.  But remember if Castro wins you are giving the appointment to replace Presas-Garcia to Joe Rodriguez and company.  Presas-Garcia would do well to sue BISD and Castro now to have him declared ineligible now so as to avoid any chance of him winning, then Rodriguez being allowed to pick her replacement.  Trust me Rodriguez and company are just sitting on the sidelines to sue and remove Castro.  They could have rejected his application, but then they need him to defeat Presas-Garcia, and then remove him to choose a Presas-Garcia replacement..   She can also file with the SOS claiming he is a convicted felon and BISD allowed his name on the ballot anyway.  The case law, not me, says the order removing his felony conviction is a legal nullity.


Anonymous said...

I do not like Cata very much but she is the best choice. The others cannot be made trustees for different reasons. Reyes plays dumb but she's not please beware and vote your conscience.

Anonymous said...

All the voters need to do FOIA all the meetings and see how the board members vote to see which member has the tax payer at heart. Otis always obstains,in fear of retaliation to his spouse or other family school employees. Then we have the corrupted majority Rodriguez, lopez,chirinos and elizondo. Then we have bubble head retired DPS trooper Pena who couldn't figure a crime was committed in front of her,if she tried. Catalina is a loner on the board but at least she tries.