Saturday, September 3, 2016


David Salinas is being reported has having passed.  This is yet another case of Saenz not taking DWI seriously.  The driver was released on $32,000 bond with no restrictions on her car to insure she was not intoxicated.

The case of Gabriela Salazar with a history of felony convictions is yet another case.  Our inept police department allowed her to walk without so much as an arrest although they reported to TXDOT intoxication assault.  Valley Baptist verified her intoxication along with the officers.

The victim is falling into clinical depression because he cannot leave his wheel chair.  He cannot get physical therapy because the Texas Crime Victims Program is a complete joke.  We have the documents from University hospital that they sent the Texas Crime Victims Nurse assigned to the case the order for physical therapy and the facility where it was going to be done.  That was two weeks ago.  It gives her name and phone number.  On Friday they called the victim's mother to complain it is her fault they have not approved the physical therapy because she will not send the order.  The assigned nurse has refused every phone call and has failed to return one phone call.  The physical therapy facility had told the family no one at the Crime Victims program will return their phone calls so they can send in the order again.

I had to pay the $500 for the wheel chair because the nurse refused to work with the medical supply store.  It reached the point of no return so I had to pay for the wheel chair.

Their policy is poor victims have no right to post hospital discharge medications.  They have nothing in place to insure the pharmacies will accept the prescriptions.  If you have no money you go without essential medications.  It has been two weeks and no one will call the family to tell them how to get the medications paid for.

It is Saenz's job to help this family  through this crisis.  He will not even speak with them.  His office for Crime Victims does nothing to help.


Someone tell me please, how many dead or injured before Cameron county will have a DA who will take DWI seriously.  Oh that is right, Saenz got his niece off  and nephew off twice.  I hope this family sues Saenz for being complicit in the death of their loved one through his willful neglect of the law when it comes to DWI.

Click for Story on David Salinas  The story is typical Valley garbage journalism.  Nothing but praise for Saenz while refusing to report the truth about how drunk drivers walk and victims die or are left to a life in a wheel chair.

In Dallas for over 20 years a plea bargain requires you plead guilty be found guilty, or you go to trial.  The plea benefit is in lower fines, and only two years probation.  In Cameron county you can have 4-5 DWI's and still get a reduced charge and walk with no jail time.

We need to demand every judge reject every DWI plea which does not require a criminal conviction.  The DA can reduce the find, and limit probation to 2 years, which really means only 8 months.  If the judges are unwilling to impose such a policy they are as guilty as Saenz as being complicit in the murder of David Salinas.  WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR DAVID SALINAS.

Saenz needs to be tried for being complicit in the murder of David Salinas.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with this article. Saenz is complicit with the murder of David Salinas. Saenz is a JOKE.....but there is nothing funny about someone losing their life to a drunk driver